Bioclear Biofit HD Posterior Refill Packs - Matrix System For Posterior Class II Restorations.
Biofit HD Posterior Matrix system for posterior Class II restorations. The Biofit HD Posterior matrices include entire range of Biofit HD Matrices (appropriate for 75% of posterior molar cases).  BioFit HD matrices along with Diamond Wedges (which have strong separation yet require...
Rs. 2,400 from Rs. 1,695
Bioclear Diamond Wedges Refill/Kit - Wedges to be Used Along with Bioclear Matrix system
Diamond Wedges - To create tight seal preventing overhangs The Bioclear Diamond Wedge is designed to solve many of the difficulties in using traditional wedges. The Diamond Wedge requires less effort to place than traditional wedges due to the diamond...
Rs. 5,000 from Rs. 4,000
Bioclear Biofit HD Posterior Kit - Matrix System for Posterior Class II Restorations.
Biofit HD Posterior Kit-Matrix system for posterior Class II restorations. The Complete Biofit HD Posterior Kit contains the entire range of Biofit HD Matrices (appropriate for 75% of posterior molar cases) and also includes Diamond Wedges (which have strong separation...
Rs. 18,870 Rs. 16,700
Bioclear Anterior Kit - Modern Matrix System for Esthetic Restorations
Bioclear Anterior Kit-Modern matrix system for esthetic restorations The Bioclear Matrix’s anatomic shape allows for predictable restoration or change of a tooth’s emergence profile. If there is a good contact, the matrix is easily used wedge free. When placed into...
Rs. 15,125 Rs. 11,425
Sold Out
Bioclear TruContact saw - Designed to use with Bioclear Matrix system
TruContact Saws and Sanders-For contact optimization along with Bioclear matrix system Contact optimization is an essential part of the Bioclear Method. Natural contacts are generally too tight and too rough to allow insertion of a mylar matrix. Bioclear TruContact Saws...
Rs. 7,875 Rs. 5,315
Bioclear Evolve Matrices - Anatomically Pre-shaped Posterior Matrices are in Three Widths
BioClear Evolve Matrices - Anatomically Pre-shaped Posterior matrices are in three widths Evolve matrices are an evolution in posterior matrices - an improvement on what was already the most advanced and user-friendly mylar matrix in modern posterior restorations, the BioClear Biofit...
Rs. 5,850 Rs. 4,830
Bioclear TwinRing - For Class II Matrix Adaptation
TwinRing - For Class II Matrix Adaptation The TwinRing is designed for use in sectional Class II matrix adaptation and can be used with any matrix. The unique design allows the TwinRing to adapt to a variety of tooth types...
Rs. 28,255 Rs. 21,630
Bioclear Rockstar Polishing Kit -For Phenomenal Shine & Finish Of Composites
Bioclear Rockstar Polishing kit- Phenomenal shine & finish of composite restorations Bioclear’s two-step Rockstar Polish is designed to give your composite restorations a phenomenal finish and shine and is one of the four cornerstones of the Bioclear Method.  The first...
Rs. 30,000 Rs. 24,025
Bioclear Dual Color Disclosing Solution - For Discovery of Cracks/Biofilm
Dual Color Disclosing Solution Disclosing solution for discovery of cracks and biofilm for blasting. Newer Biofilm stains pink. Older biofilm & cracks (more than 24 hours) stain purple, aiding the clinician in properly educating patients about oral hygiene & restorative needs....
Rs. 4,285 Rs. 3,300
Bioclear Black Triangle Matrices - Refill Packs-Matrices for Anterior Esthetic Restorations
Black triangle Matrices-Matrices for Anterior Esthetic restorations Using paired matrices, curvature (indicated by color) closes spaces up to: Pink – 1 mm spaceYellow – 1.5 mm space Green – 2 mm spaceBlue – 2.5 mm space 1. Small Incisor BT...
Rs. 12,095 Rs. 9,550
Bioclear Black Triangle kit - Matrix System for Anterior Black Triangles
Black Triangle (BT) Kit Bioclear is pleased to introduce the Black Triangle System, a new matrix system that enables black triangle closure up to 40% faster* than with the original Bioclear matrices. Black Triangle matrices are custom designed for black...
Rs. 48,400 Rs. 38,195
Sold Out
Bioclear Black Triangle BT Gauge - For Measuring Depth/size of Black Triangle
Black Triangle Gauge-Measure the size of black triangle and use the color of  matrix accordingly The BT Gauge is for use with the new color-coded BT Matrices. The use of the gauge with these color-coded matrices is designed to make...
Rs. 5,375 Rs. 4,420
Bioclear Anterior Matrix – Diastema Closure Series
Original Anterior Matrix – DC Series The Diastema Closure matrices are for creating new and exaggerated emergence profiles, closing diastema larger than 1mm and for large black triangles. The Diastema Closure matrices have more curvature than the Anterior matrices. Combining...
Rs. 3,750 from Rs. 3,000
Bioclear Anterior Matrix - Clear Anatomical Sectional Matrices
Anterior Matrix – Bioclear Original Anterior Matrices are anatomically shaped and allow for a modern approach to composite dentistry. Bioclear Anterior matrices allow for a modern approach to composite dentistry. They have less curvature than the Diastema Closure matrices and...
Rs. 3,750 from Rs. 3,000
Bioclear 360° Veneer Matrices - Significantly Stiffer Matrices for Composite Veneers.
360° Veneer Matrix Series-The next generation of the Bioclear Matrix is significantly stiffer The Bioclear Veneering Matrix is 75 μm and is as strong as stainless steel . It comes in kit with a paired 2-part (mesial and distal) matrix that...
Rs. 7,675 Rs. 6,260

Get The Best Quality Matrix Bands from DentEasy

One of the essential tools for dentists is matrix brands. They generally use dental matrix band systems in therapeutic treatments to create a temporary or permanent tooth shape and contour for the dental restoration process. Thus, you need to use the best matrix band in dentistry.

Types of Matrix Band

Tofflemire Matrix: Tofflemire matrix band is the most commonly used band in dentistry. It is a metal band that dentists use to hold a dental filling material in place while it sets. They place the band around the tooth and tighten it with some mechanism to create a tight seal. This type of matrix is typically used for posterior teeth.

Mylar Strip Matrix: A mylar strip matrix is another matrix brand. It is usually a thin, transparent plastic strip and can be placed between the teeth to create a temporary wall for the filling material. It is generally used for anterior teeth and can result in a smooth, natural-looking surface for the filling material.

Sectional Matrix Band: A sectional matrix band is another popular type of matrix brand. It is a flexible and contoured metal band. Generally, it is used to restore a vast interdental space or a tooth with a very large cavity. This type of band is placed around the tooth and must be held in place with a matrix retainer or a wedge. It helps dentists by allowing for the precise placement of the filling material and can create tight contact with the adjacent tooth.

Wooden Wedges: As its name suggests, a wooden wedge is a small, triangular wooden block that dentists typically place between teeth to create a temporary wall for the filling material. Dentists can also use wooden wedges in dentistry to provide a slight separation between teeth or aid in placing a matrix band. Wooden wedges dental uses are generally in combination with another matrix system to achieve better results.

In summary, dental matrices such as the Tofflemire matrix, mylar strip matrix, sectional matrix band, and wooden wedges are used to help dentists create precise and anatomically correct restorations for their patients. The choice of matrix system depends on the restoration's specific requirements and the dentist's preferences.

Tofflemire matrix, mylar strip matrix, sectional matrix band, and wooden wedges are some of the many dental matrices used in restorative dentistry procedures to create a temporary or permanent tooth shape and contour during the dental restoration process.

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DentEasy aims to be every dentist's online shop as we help them to make informed decisions and procure the best products. We understand the importance of matrix bands in dentistry and offer all types of matrix band products, including wooden wedges dental. Additionally, all these matrix bands are availed at very competitive rates. We not only provide dental matrix band products, but we can also be your single shop for getting all types of products that a dentist needs. So, place your first order with DentEasy today.

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