Angelus Bio C Sealer - Bio Ceramic Root Canal Sealer
Angelus Bio C Sealer - Bioceramic root canal sealer Introduction Bio-C Sealer is a ready-to-use bioceramic sealer for root canal filling. The bioceramic composition allows the release of calcium ions, which stimulates the formation of mineralized tissue. Its mechanical and...
Rs. 2,400 from Rs. 1,500
SS White DCTaper™H - Starter Pack - Dentin Conservation Rotary Files System
DCTaper™H  - Dentin Conservation - NiTi Rotary Files System The SS White® Endodontic File System is anatomically designed with the most minimally invasive shapes to provide greater safety, strength, and flexibility in negotiating canals DCTaper™ Files: Designed to Conserve Vital...
Rs. 2,225 Rs. 1,890
SS White EXACTTaperH DC™ - Next Generation of Minimally Invasive Rotary NiTi Files
ExactTaperH DC™ : The Next Generation of Minimally Invasive NiTi Files Designed with cutting edge technology that offers real world application. Minimally Invasive by design, with the strength and flexibility like no other, EXACTTaperH DC™ files are by manufactured in...
Rs. 4,050 Rs. 3,450
Angelus MTA Fillapex - Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer
Angelus MTA Fillapex - Bioceramic root canal sealer Properties of MTA Fillapex Chemical A. Setting TimeMTA-Fillapex showed average setting time of 130 minutes (2 hours and 10 minutes) with a variation of ±10 minutes. B. Solubility The material showed a...
Rs. 2,900 from Rs. 2,645
SDI Pola Office - Tooth Whitening System
Pola office - Quick and easy in-office tooth whitening system. A single use, simple in-office system. Minimal chair time required – whiter teeth are achieved in just 30 minutes. Pola office’s unique desensitising properties inhibit patient post-operative sensitivity. Pola Office...
Rs. 3,925 from Rs. 3,200
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