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Angelus Porcelain Etchant - 10% Hydrofluoric Acid
Porcelain Etchant(Conditionung) - 10% Hydrofluoric Acid  It is used for Conditioning of metal free restorations fabricated with porcelain (ceramic) before cementation with resin and Conditioning of porcelain fragments before bonding or repair with composite resin. Benefits Facilitates application Flows only...
Rs. 800 Rs. 700
Angelus Silano - Adhesion Promoter For Ceramics & Glass Fibers
Silano - Pre activated (ready to use) adhesion promoter for ceramics and glass fibers In metal-free dentistry, an adhesive technique is fundamental for the cementation of all-ceramic, indirect composite resin restorations and glass fiber posts. Adhesion of resin cements to...
Rs. 1,200 Rs. 1,105
Angelus MZ Primer - Metal Primer Adhesion Promotor for Metal, Zirconia & Alumina.
MZ Primer - Chemical Bonding agent for Metal, Zirconia and Alumina Safety for the adhesion to metal and zirconia. MZ Primer is a one-bottle solution that promotes the bonding of resins (composite, cement, acrylic) to a variety of substrates such...
Rs. 3,600 Rs. 3,500
Angelus Porcelain Repair Kit
Rs. 3,425 Rs. 3,210
Angelus Porcelain Repair Kit
Porcelain Repair Kit Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns have been used as predictable materials since the 1960s, owing to their mechanical strength and low cost. However, porcelain veneer failure has been reported as the major cause for the replacement of metal-ceramic restorations. The...
Rs. 3,425 Rs. 3,210
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