Angelus Reforpost Fiber Glass - Intraradicular Post
Angelus Reforpost fiber glass - Retentive shape, parallel intraradicular post with conical tip. High retentiveness The cylindrical, parallel shape and tapered apex of the Glass Fiber Reforpost make them very retentive. The additional circumferential mechanical retentions of the posts increase the...
Rs. 2,600 from Rs. 2,185
DMG Luxacore Z - Premium Composite for Core Build-up and Root Post Cementation
Luxacore - Premium composite for core build-up and root post cementation Cuttability like Dentin LuxaCore Z is DMG’s premium composite for core build-ups and post cementation. LuxaCore Z provides dentine-like cuttability, which ensures controlled substance removal and a precise preparation...
Rs. 8,500 from Rs. 4,725
Sold Out
Angelus Reforpin Universal - The Solution For Fragile Roots.
Reforpin - The solution for fragile roots Angelus Reforpin Universal Pack is the solution for fragile roots Glass fiber intraradicular accessory posts. Characteristics Glass fiber Higher volum of fibers inside the root canal Versatility of use Higher volum of fibers...
Rs. 1,600 Rs. 1,210
AVUE AvueCore Nano - Dual Cure Flowable Core Buildup composite with Nano Zirconium Dioxide
Dual cure flowable composite with nano zirconium dioxide & calcium fluoride.  If the remaining tooth structure is inadequate for permanent retention of a direct core build-up material, a root post must be used for retaining the core. Retention & support must...
Rs. 4,650 Rs. 3,965
Angelus Exacto - Intraradicular Conical Post
Angelus Exacto - Intraradicular conical post Precise adaptation to the canal The double taper and the special size enable the Exacto post to fill tapered canalsmore accurately, without leaving a thick line of cement. Standardized bur with inactive tip Exacto...
Rs. 2,725 from Rs. 2,300
Angelus Pinjet - Polycarbonate Burnout Pins for custom made post/core
Pinjet - Polycarbonate pins for the fabrication of Custom cast posts Fabrication of metal posts directly and indirectly. Benefits Polycarbonate material resistant to fracture and chemically adheres to the relining resin there is negligible risk for fracture of pinjet during...
Rs. 725 Rs. 605
Angelus Reforpost Metallic - Intraradicular Posts
Reforpost Metallic - Passive tapered intraradicular post system Reforpost Metal - Surface texture Angelus Metal post serrated or roughened surface is more retentive than a smooth one. Controlled grooving of the post and root canal  also increases the retention of...
Rs. 700 from Rs. 600
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