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AVUE AvueBite - Addition Silicone Based Bite Registration

Dental Avenue
2 x 50ml Cartridges with Accessories
Rs. 2,200 Rs. 3,000
Polyvinyl siloxane based bite registration material.

Key Feature
1. High final shore A hardness
2. Unique Mixing tips
3. Flexible for easy trimming.
4. Excellent dimensional stability.
5. No bite resistance, no rebound.

Addition silicone based bite registration material.

Captures an accurate representation of the occlusal relationships quickly, enhancing patient comfort with high end hardness.

Addition silicones are extensively used for bite registration thanks to the numerous advantageous technical, chemical and physical characteristics they afford dentists and that make them superior to other materials

AvueBite is chemically similar to impression silicones, but differs from them in their setting times, in their plasticising and catalysing components along with hardness which determines the flexibility and workability of the polymer while recording the centric relation the patient.

In addition to the outstanding versatility and the almost imperceptible texture for the patient, AvueBite stand out for their impeccable accuracy in bite registration

AvueBite does not show Resistance or rebound

The material does not flex or compress during articulation thus enabling bite elevations.

Rigidity to resist compression forces

From a clinical standpoint, a material’s ability to resist compression forces is a crucial characteristic, because any discrepancy between the relationship of the arches inside the patient’s mouth and that presented by the models positioned on the articulator results in one or more imprecisions on the final restoration, as AvueBite is rigid enough will help to counteract these problems.

High final hardness

This will helps to maintain a precise and accurate bite registration.

    Special Rubber duck mixing tips

    These tips helps to spread the material over the occlusal surfaces uniformly leading to-
    • Less wastage of material
    • Material can be spread into uniform thickness
    1. For bite registration: registration of centric occlusion.
    2. Material for application on bite forks for use with face bows.
  • Instructions to use

    Catridge Using Dispensor (1:1):
    1. Slide up the lever present on the back side of the dispenser & simultaneously pullback the plunger.
    2. Lift up the plastic flap (Cartridge Lock) present on the front side.
    3. Now load the cartridge, ensuring that V-shaped notch of the cartridge is facing downwards.
    4. Push down the plastic flap and lock the cartridge.
    5. Remove the cartridge cap by rotating it 90 degree anticlockwise and discard it.
    6. Attach mixing tip and turn it clockwise to lock it.
    7. Before applying the tip, check that the two cartridge openings are not clogged, and bleed the cartridge until the base and catalyst paste are evenly extruded.
    8. By pulling the trigger, material is mixed. While using it for the first time squeeze out a pea sized amount of material and discard it.
    9. To avoid bubbles, it is important that the tip of mixing cannula always remains immersed in the material. 10. After application leave the used mixing tip on the cartridge to cap the unused material.
    Cartridge Using Automatic Mixers:
    1. Remove the cap from the cartridge and discard. Attach a new mixing tip.
    2. Secure the mixing tip by sliding the locking mechanism into the locked position.
    3. Insert the cartridge into the Automatic impression mixer. Note: Follow the instructions of the mixing machine you are using.
    4. While using the cartridge first time extrude and discard pea size of material. Note: To avoid bubbles always immersed the mixing tip into the tray material.
    5. After the application, leave the used tip on the cartridge to cap unused material.
    Putty Jar:
    1. Take the base material and the catalyst in equal ratio using the specific colored spoon.
    2. Knead the material with the fingertips for not more than 60 seconds until the color is uniform.
    3. Reseal the container immediately after use. NOTE: Only use the Base and Catalyst from the same package! Reseal the container immediately after use! Do not mix up the container lids!

    Storage and Shelf life
    1. Store impression at room temperature (7-25 °C) in a dry place away from light.
    2. The impression is stable and can be cast even after one month without loss of accuracy.
    3. Close the jar of putty immediately after use.
    4. After the application, leave the used tip on the cartridge to cap the unused material.
    5. Do not use the material after the expiry date, which is displayed on the containers.

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    AVUE AvueBite - Addition Silicone Based Bite Registration
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