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Avue Xpress - The E Speed Dental X-Ray Films

Dental Avenue
Box of 150 films
Rs. 1,975 Rs. 2,450
E-Speed dental X-ray film for imaging solution for dentistry.

Key Features:
1. Xpress provides high image quality and outstanding detail definition
2. Double-emulsion intraoral X-ray film of high speed (ISO class E)
3. High contrast and fine grain, provide increased visibility and a sharp image

Xpress - X-Ray Films

 E Speed Dental X-Ray Films which Extra soft plastic envelope with rounded corners Envelope is disinfectable with common disinfectants, waterproof and light-tight.

Easy opening and manipulation Sheet of lead foil on the back side of the film (the side is marked as „back“on the packet)

Easy sides recognition provided by embossed dot in the top corner of the packet (its raised portion indicates the side facing the radiation source/front side)

Technical Properties

Speed E Dental Film 30 % – 50 % lower X-ray dose due to shorter exposure times in comparison with D-speed film complies with the worldwide tendency of Radiation Protection of Patients (RPOP) of EAIA.


The film can be exposed in daylight. Exposed films can be processed either manually or in processors. The manual processing should be carried out in a darkroom under indirect dark-red or olive-green safelight. It is possible to use any liquid good-quality trademarked chemicals for processing. It is NOT recommended using tablet or powder chemicals.


To prevent all possible kinds of damage the Xpress Dental Film is packed in a tropical vacuum wrapping and put inside paper boxes. Each packing contains 150 pcs of dental film.

    1. For better assessment of the tooth morphology, periodontal structures, and periapical pathosis
    2. Prediction of prognosis, and post treatment evaluation
    E films-3cm x 4cm
    DEVELOPER-20C -5min
    Water-15 sec
    Minimum 4 min autoprocessing using all leading chemicals=>590nm,15W,10min
    1.Unwrap films carefully.Use correct time-temperature development.Shoot the x ray.
    2.Establish correct exposure time.Over- or underexposing Dental Film can create poor density and contrast radiographs.
    3.Maintain an adequate darkroom. Sensitivity of dental film demands strict attention to darkroom conditions.
    4. Process films properly. Always observe good safety practices: wear rubber gloves, a rubber apron and glasses when mixing, replenishing, changing or disposing of chemicals.
    5.Mount and view radiographs correctly. Viewing conditions are extremely important in interpreting radiographs.
    Store at cool and Dry place

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    Avue Xpress - The E Speed Dental X-Ray Films
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