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AvueAlgin - Non Chromatic, Dust Free, Dental Alginate Impression Material

450g Pouch
Rs. 280 Rs. 450
AvueAlgin is a Non Chromatic, Orange Flavored Hydrocolloid Alginate Impression Material.

Key Features:
1. Superior Accuracy and Detail Reproduction
2. Enhanced Dimensional Stability
3. Optimal Working Time and Easy mixing
4. Superior Patient Comfort
5. Excellent Tear Strength and Stability
6. Tested as per ISO 21563:2021

AvueAlgin is a Non Chromatic, Dust Free Hydrocolloid Alginate Impression material by Dental Avenue.

Features of AvueAlgin:

Superior Accuracy and Detail Replication:

Avue Algin dental alginate impression material, enriched with hydrocolloid, is engineered to deliver unparalleled accuracy and detail replication. Hydrocolloid technology enhances the flow and elasticity of the material, allowing it to capture even the finest details of dental anatomy. This results in highly accurate impressions that aid in precise diagnosis, treatment planning, and the creation of prosthetic restorations

Enhanced Dimensional Stability:

One of the key advantages of incorporating hydrocolloid into AvueAlgin dental alginate is its superior dimensional stability. This means that the impressions remain stable and maintain their shape even after removal from the patient's mouth. Dental professionals can confidently rely on the accuracy and integrity of the impressions, ensuring optimal results throughout the treatment process

Optimal Working Time and Easy Mixing:

AvueAlgin dental alginate with hydrocolloid strikes a perfect balance between working time and setting time. It offers extended working time, providing dental professionals with sufficient time to prepare and capture impressions without feeling rushed. The material mixes easily and smoothly, resulting in a homogenous mixture that flows effortlessly over the teeth and gums. Its excellent thixotropic properties facilitate tray loading and ensure precise application.

Superior Patient Comfort:

We understand the significance of patient comfort during dental procedures. AvueAlgin dental alginate with hydrocolloid is meticulously formulated to prioritize patient comfort. The hydrocolloid infusion imparts a smoother texture and eliminates the unpleasant taste often associated with traditional alginate materials. This promotes a more comfortable experience for patients, minimizing gag reflexes and enhancing overall satisfaction.

Versatility and Compatibility:

AvueAlgin dental alginate with hydrocolloid is compatible with a wide range of dental trays and mixing techniques, making it suitable for various applications. It effortlessly adapts to both metal and plastic trays, accommodating the preferences and requirements of dental professionals. This versatility ensures consistent and accurate impressions across different procedures, including crown and bridge work, partial dentures, and orthodontic appliances.

Excellent Tear Strength and Stability:

Once set, AvueAlgin dental alginate with hydrocolloid exhibits exceptional tear strength and dimensional stability. This enables easy removal from the patient's mouth without any distortion or tearing. The stability of the material allows for prolonged storage of the impressions, providing dental professionals with the flexibility to refer back to them as needed during the treatment process.

Unmatched Value for Money:

AvueAlgin dental alginate with hydrocolloid not only offers exceptional quality but also represents excellent value for money. With its combination of advanced technology, accuracy, and patient comfort, it serves as a cost-effective solution for dental practices, clinics, and laboratories. By choosing our dental alginate, you can optimize your workflow efficiency and deliver outstanding dental care without compromising on precision or patient satisfaction.

Technical Parameters Details Working time 45 seconds Initial Setting Time* 1 min 20 secs Final Setting Time* 2 mins 15 secs Tear Strenght > 40 N/sqr. Cm
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AvueAlgin - Non Chromatic, Dust Free, Dental Alginate Impression Material
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