AvueSoftLiner - Long Term Relining Material

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50ml Cartridge
5ml Primer
5ml Base Varnish
5ml Catalyst Varnish
Rs. 4,000 Rs. 5,400
Silicone based long term relling material.
Key Features
1.Outstanding adhesion, permanent bond to dentures
2. Based on vinyl silicones: permanently soft
3.Color stable, no irritation of oral tissue
4.Taste and odor free

The AVUE SOFTLINER is designed for fabrication of permanently soft relinings of dentures in the dental practice.

AvueSoftliner are materials forming a cushioned layer between the hard denture base and the oral mucosa. The liners help in distributing more evenly the forces of mastication to the underlying tissues by absorbing some of the masticatory forces

The soft liners have the potential of improving comfort to denture patients with ridge atrophy, thin and non resilient mucosa, bony undercuts and bruxomania. They are also recommended in cases of irregular bone resorption, immediate prosthesis, healing after implant placement, and for patients with bruxism and xerostomia.

One major indication for soft liners is to reduce problems arising from the effects of age changes in the denture bearing tissues. The use of a soft liner can improve both masticatory effciency and oral comfort  for patients presenting a reduced thickness of the oral mucoperiosteum.

AvueSoftliner has adequate bond strength 

The effect of roughening the bonding surface by air particle abrasion had higher bond strength compared with the smooth surface because of its irregularity which provides mechanical retention. Pretreatment of denture base resin with monomer and acetone had shown to be effective in increasing the strength of repaired denture segment.AvueSoftliner bond strength is 2.2 Mpa which is way better then other competitive brands

AvueSoftliner has high tear strength

The silicone elastomers, consisting of dimethylsiloxane polymers, with a chemical composition similar to that of the silicone impression materials, are not dependent on leachable plasticisers and, therefore retain their elastic properties for prolonged periods.

A-SOFT PRIMER - A bonding agent between AVUE SOFTLINER and the denture.

AVUE SOFTLINER -A long term soft relining material based on addition curing vinyl silicones.

AVUE SOFTLINER VARNISH for coating the trimmed edges.

 It is suitable for application on all standard resins prosthesis.


• Outstanding adhesion, permanent bond to dentures

• Based on vinyl silicones: permanently soft

• Color stable, no irritation of oral tissue,

• Taste and odor free

• AUTOMIX-cartridge

1. Relining of the Methacrylate based dentures.
2. Denture patients with ridge atrophy, thin and non resilient mucosa, bony undercuts and bruxomania.
3. Irregular bone resorption.
4. Immediate prosthesis.
5. Healing after implant placement.
6. Patients with bruxism and xerostomia.
Dimensional change after 24h < 0.3 %
Strain in compression 6,2-7,8 %
Elastic Recovery > 99.2 %
Shore-A-Hardness (24h) 31-37
1. Preparing the denture
2. Application of the primer, dry for 1 minute
3. Relining of the denture, placement in mouth and carrying out functional movements
4. Relined denture after mouth removal
5. Removal of excess material with scalpel
6. Smoothing of rough areas and borders with a grinding sleeve for silicone materials
7. Mixing of varnish, equal amounts of part A and part B
8. Contouring the trimmed edges (setting time approx. 5 min)
9. Perfectly relined denture after finishing.


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AvueSoftLiner - Long Term Relining Material
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