AVUE AvueT Crown - Flurorescent Tempory & Bridge Material

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1 automix Cartridge of 76gm (10:1) with accessories.
1 Smartmix Cartridge of 10ml (10:1) with accessories.
Rs. 5,175 Rs. 6,200
Bis acryl temporary crown & bridge material

Key Feature
1. High fracture resistance.
2. Ultimate compressive strength of 320 mpa. 4. Easy to trim & polish.
5. Methylmethacrylate free
6. Amazing aesthetic with natural fluorescence
7. Easy automix application
8. Excellent polishability.
9. Low shrinkage enables precision fit.

AVUE AvueT Crown - Fluorescent Temporary Crown & Bridge Material<10:1>.

AvueT Crown is a self-curing composite for natural looking long and short term temporization. It is automatically mixed and available in the mixing ratio of 10:1.AvueT Crown is dispensed from preloaded syringes or cartridges and mixed through an automix tip. This provides consistent mixtures with no air incorporation into the final mix. 

AvueT Crown have very low exothermic setting reactions, unlike the methacrylates, and are less irritant to the underlying pulpal tissue. Additionally, they have low shrinkage, providing good marginal fit with good transverse strength and abrasion resistance. 

AvueT Crown better indicated for anterior temporaries because of their improved esthetics. 

Physical properties: temperature increase

  • The temperature increase during the setting reaction of AVUE T CROWN is measured according to ISO 4049: The material is mixed at room temperature and the curing process is initiated at a starting temperature of 37°C.
  • AVUE T CROWN shows a low temperature increase during the setting reaction and thus, it is very comfortable for the patient and without pulp irritations.

Mechanical properties: flexural strength

  • The flexural strength is determined from the 3-Point bending experiment.
    Mechanical stability is important for the clinical success of provisional crown &
    bridge materials. Flexural strength of AvueT crown is superior than its competitors making it  a very good prediction of the clinical
  • performance in the mouth.

    Mechanical properties: compressive strength

    The measurement of compressive strength is a good prediction of clinical performance of small temporaries (crowns, inlays). Like with all in-vitro tests it represents only a part aspect of the real clinical situation. Therefore the summary
    of all mechanical testing experiments have to be viewed as a prediction of the
    clinical situation.

    Mechanical properties: Summary

    AVUE T CROWN has well balanced mechanical properties, which are comparable or better than the leading competitors in the market. This assures a very good clinical performance.


    1. High fracture resistance.
    2. Ultimate compressive strength of 320 mpa.
    3. Low temperature increase during setting.
    4. Easy to trim & polish.
    5. Methylmethacrylate free.
    6. Amazing aesthetic with natural fluorescence.
    7. Easy automix application
    8. Excellent polishability.
    9. Low shrinkage enables precision fit.

  • Creating Short term/long term temporary crowns or bridges.
  • Direct fabrication of temporary veneers, inlays, onlays and also used in indirect restorative procedures.
  • Setting Time in mouth: 1:45 -2:00 minutes
  • Complete setting time: 4-5 minutes
  • Barcol Hardness: 50
  • Flexural Strenght: 101MPA
  • Working Time: 23°C(73°F)
  • Shore D Hardness: 75
  • Compressive Strength: 320MPa
  • Instruction To use

    1. Before preparing the crown or bridge or prior to extraction of a tooth, take an impression using alginate, silicone or a thermoplastic impression material. Alternatively, the temporary prosthesis can be made using a laboratory prepared vacuum-formed tray.
    2. Dry the prepared teeth and even out any undercuts in the preparation. Then lightly lubricate the cores and surrounding tissue plus any composite core build-ups using petroleum jelly or a similar separating medium.
    3. Select the desired shade of Avue T Crown and insert the appropriate cartridge in the Automix-Dispenser.
    4. Slide up the lever present on the back side of the dispenser & simultaneously pullback the plunger.
    5. Lift up the plastic flap (Cartridge Lock) present on the front side.
    6. Now load the cartridge, ensuring that V-shaped notch of the cartridge is facing downwards.
    7. Push down the plastic flap and lock the cartridge.
    8. Remove the cartridge cap by rotating its 90 degree anticlockwise and discard it.
    9. Attach mixing tip and turn it clockwise to lock it.
    10. Before applying the tip, check that the two cartridge openings are not clogged, and bleed the cartridge until the base and catalyst paste are evenly extruded .
    11. By pulling the trigger material is mixed while using it for the first time squeeze out a pea sized amount of material and discard it.
    12. Without delay, begin dispensing Avue T Crown Material directly into the preliminary impression into the area of the preparation by applying continuous, light pressure . As the material comes out of the mixing tip, inject it into the deepest portion of the preliminary impression and then into the gingival areas.
    NOTE : Always keep the mixing tip immersed in the material to prevent bubbles.
    13. After application of Avue T Crown leave the used mixing tip on the cartridge to cap the unused material.
    14. Reseat the preliminary impression into the patient's mouth in the proper relative position within 50 seconds of the start of mix.

    NOTE : The use of lubricant may assist in removal from the mouth.
    15. After 1 -2min remove the impression from the mouth. Material hardened but still is in elastic state (model setting time is 3-4 minutes). 16. After removing from mouth, Let it set outside the mouth for 4 minutes. Temporary crowns can be immersed in warm water ( 45° - 55°C) for post curing.
    17. 5 minutes from the beginning of application, the temporary crown & bridges can be finished and polished.

    NOTE : Prior to this remove air-inhibited layer with alcohol saturated gauze.

    1. store impression at room temperature(25-27 C) in a dry place away from light.
    2. After the application, leave the used tip on the cartridge to cap the unused material.
    3. Do not use the material after the expiry date.

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