Bioclear Anterior Kit - Modern Matrix System for Esthetic Restorations

15 x A101, A102, A103 each
15 x DC201, DC202, DC203 each
Rs. 11,425 Rs. 15,125
The Bioclear Matrix’s anatomic shape allows for predictable restoration
Key Features
1. Made from 50 µ film
2. Anatomic shape
3. Flexible but strong
4. Focus on cervical half of tooth
5. Customizable contours
6. Anterior and posterior shapes

Bioclear Anterior Kit-Modern matrix system for esthetic restorations

The Bioclear Matrix’s anatomic shape allows for predictable restoration or change of a tooth’s emergence profile. If there is a good contact, the matrix is easily used wedge free. When placed into the sulcus, the matrix is stabilized and marginally sealed by the papilla. If there is not a contact, then a staged wedging (or delayed wedging) technique will need to be used.

Bioclear’s anatomically shaped matrices allow for injection/placement of composite into the embrasure without fear of leaving an overhanging margin. The Bioclear Matrix leaves the interproximal composite smooth and properly contoured

Getting started

Bioclear Matrix is the only completely clear anatomic sectional matrix on the market. It, along with the other Bioclear products, will produce the smoothest embrasures and strongest contacts compared to other matrix systems. The high quality restorations created with the Bioclear Matrix are raising the bar for anterior composites.
Please thoroughly read the instructions and product care guide before use.

Diastema Closure

The Diastema Closure matrices are for creating new and exaggerated emergence profiles, closing diastema larger than 1mm and for large black triangles. The Diastema Closure matrices have more curvature than the Anterior matrices. Combining papilla regeneration with space closure is the key to optimal diastema closure.

Anterior matrices

BioClear Anterior matrices allow for a modern approach to composite dentistry. They have less curvature than the Diastema Closure matrices and are used for everyday restorative dentistry as well as in aesthetic treatments where small spaces need to be filled.

  • A101 - Intended for mesial of upper incisors.
  • A102 - Intended for distal of upper incisors.
  • A103 - Intended for all lower incisors and small lateral incisors.
  • DC 201 - For mesial diastema closure up to 1mm.
  • DC 202 - For distal diastema closure up to 1mm.
  • DC 203 - For space closure on lower incisors up to 1mm.
  • Diastema closure up to 1mm
    Film Thickness - 50 µ
    Anatomic shape
    Small Space Closure < .5mm

    Use the TruConact sander before matrix placement to lighten the contact between teeth where the matrix is to be placed.
    • If you are placing the matrix on one tooth surface, use the orange sander.
    • If you are placing two matrices in one contact, use the red sander.
    • Use the blue saw after curing the composite to clean up any unwanted materials in the interproximal area to avoid “false contact.”

    In young patients with healthy bone, a notch will need to be trimmed from the gingival edge of the matrix. The notch height will correlate with the papilla height. Use Bioclear Matrix Sculpting Scissors (ID# 500071) to trim papilla notch.

    Pinch the matrix between your thumb and index finger to drive the matrix apically deep into the sulcus. If the matrix will not slide into place, remove the matrix and re-sand the contact area with the TruConact sander.

    Store at cool and dry place

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    Bioclear Anterior Kit - Modern Matrix System for Esthetic Restorations
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