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Bioclear Biofit HD Posterior Refill Packs - Matrix System For Posterior Class II Restorations.

10 units/pack
Pack of 50
Rs. 1,695 Rs. 10,500
Biofit matrices for posterior restorations designed to ensure ideal tooth contours
Key Features:
1. Translucent white 75µ mylar
2. 30% more buccal/lingual/occlusal wrap than traditional matrices
3. Diamond Wedge is easy to place
4. DW creates a tight seal
5. Twin ring assists in the separation of the teeth
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Biofit HD Posterior Matrix system for posterior Class II restorations.

The Biofit HD Posterior matrices include entire range of Biofit HD Matrices (appropriate for 75% of posterior molar cases). 

BioFit HD matrices along with Diamond Wedges (which have strong separation yet require less effort to place than traditional wedges) and Twin Rings (comprised of strong, long-lived twin NiTi wires) give a complete solution of posterior Class II restorations. 

Biofit HD Series

The HD series Bioclear Biofit matrices introduce new matrix technology and designs that ensure ideal tooth contours and a heavier material that ensures easier placement

The HD series Bioclear Biofit matrices introduce new matrix technology and designs that ensure ideal tooth contours. Formed with translucent white 75µ mylar, the stiffer mylar and placement tab provides a rigid structure that makes the matrix easy to place.

The translucence of the mylar allows ample light to pass through for thorough light curing. Mylar matrices also leave the composite more polished and contoured than traditional metal matrices which leave a more matte finish.

In addition, the new shape of the Biofit matrices offers 30% more buccal/lingual and occlusal wrap than traditional matrices and will be appropriate for 75% of all posterior molar cases.

The new Biofit HD matrices come in four sizes; Molar 4.5 mm, 5.5 mm, 6.5 mm, and Pre-Molar 5.5 mm

Diamond Wedges and Long Diamond Wedges

The Bioclear Diamond Wedge is designed to solve many of the difficulties in using traditional, rigid wedges.

The Diamond Wedge requires less effort to place than traditional wedges due to the diamond shaped cut-out in the tip, which collapses during insertion. The wedge then springs open once through the embrasure, creating a tight seal and preventing the wedge from backing out.

While still maintaining strong tooth separation, the flexibility of the Diamond Wedge creates an excellent marginal adaptation which eliminates the uncontrolled flow of excess composite and minimizes clean up after the composite has been cured.

The Diamond Wedge is offered in both original and long. The Original Diamond Wedge is intended for most cases. The Long Diamond Wedge is approximately 2mm longer than the original wedge and is intended to be used when working on wider molars. Typically long wedges are used in conjunction with the Pink or Orange Evolve matrices


The TwinRing is designed for use in sectional Class II matrix adaptation and can be used with any matrix.

The unique design allows the TwinRing to adapt to a variety of tooth types and shapes. The geometry of the ring causes it to apply a strong, even tension that:

  • assists in the separation of the teeth
  • creates a strong seal with the matrix without collapsing the matrix into the cavity
  • and doesn’t allow the composite to flow past the gingival margin which eliminates line angle overhangs.

The structural design of the TwinRing causes it to have excellent form memory; it is guaranteed to retain its original shape without warping, even after hundreds of uses.

TwinRing Forceps 

The Bioclear Twin Ring forceps are specially engineered for use with the Bioclear Twin Rings.

Clinical Tips

1. Use a rubber dam
2. Choose the correct matrix – Use a BioClear clear matrix for simultaneous buccal & lingual curing
3. Use BioClear Forceps, as designed specifically for the Twin Ring
4. Check for proper matrix orientation
5. Seat deep into sulcus Use the MATRIX SELECTION GUIDE on the back of the instructions to help select the appropriate matrix.
6. Use BioClear Forceps with the Twin Ring. The BioClear Forceps are specifically designed for safely and securely opening and placing the Twin Ring.
7. Ensure that the tines of the forceps are completely engaged with the plastic handles of the Twin Ring (see below). If they are not fully engaged or if the tines are seated on the metal, then it can cause the Twin Ring to break.
For posterior class II restorations
For Posterior MOD restorations
Translucent white mylar-75µ Thick
Biofit HD matrices;Molar -4.5 mm,
Biofit HD matrices;Molar -5.5 mm,
Biofit HD matrices;Molar -6.5 mm,
Biofit HD matrices;PreMolar -5.5 mm

A. Insert the Bioclear Diamond Wedge before cavity preparations. This will stretch the periodontal ligaments providing more working space and separation for a tight contact once the restoration is complete.
B. Prepare the tooth. Make sure to break the contact using a fine bur or the TruContact Sander.

A. Remove the pre-wedge. Then, using cotton pliers, grip the small tab on the selected matrix.
B. Slide the matrix into the embrasure space making sure the matrix is centered on the tooth and the tab is towards the occlusal.

A. You can either re-use the wedge used in the pre-wedging step, or use a larger wedge for stronger separation.
B. Insert the selected wedge against the matrix. Check that the wedge has not inverted the curve of the Bioclear Matrix.
Note: In deep caries cases, use the Deep Caries Diamond Wedge. Position the Deep Caries bubble toward the cavity.

A. Open the Twin Ring using the Bioclear ring forceps just enough to get past the matrix down to the gingival margin.
B. Release the forceps to clamp the ring over the top of the wedge and down against the matrix and teeth. Ensure that the matrix is between the tines and the tooth, is not folded inside the hands of the ring ,and is properly positioned. Use your fingers to lightly press on the ring to seat it more fully.
Note: With the tip of opened cotton pliers, gently adapt the matrix against the neighboring tooth. This will create a broad contact.

A. Using the Bioclear clear posterior matrix allows for 3 point curing. B. Cure from the buccal, lingual and occlusal before removing the matrix.

A. Use the Bioclear Punch Pliers to assist in the removal of the matrix and wedge. Squeeze the end of the handle to open and, upon release, the point will punch through the matrix.

Store at cool and dry place

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