Bioclear Black Triangle kit - Matrix System for Anterior Black Triangles

10 x Small Blue, Small Green, Small yellow, Small Pink, Large Blue, Large yellow, Large Pink Black Triangle Matrix
Heavy Sander - red
Light Sander - Orange
TruContact Saw - Blue
Dual Color Disclosing Solution - 3ml
Rs. 38,195 Rs. 48,400
Black triangle kit enables black triangle closure up to 40% faster
Key features
1. Self stabilizing
2. Stronger than traditional mylar
3. Naturally countoured emergence profile
4. Trucontact saw: ease the placement of mylar
5. Disclosing solution discover cracks/biofilm
6. BT gauge for selection of appropriate matix
7. Matices available in 2 differant sizes

Black Triangle (BT) Kit

Bioclear is pleased to introduce the Black Triangle System, a new matrix system that enables black triangle closure up to 40% faster* than with the original Bioclear matrices.

Black Triangle matrices are custom designed for black triangle treatment and require no trimming prior to seating.

A color-coded gauge and matrices make choosing the correct curvature for gingival embrasure closure simple and predictable. Curvature is indicated by colors at the top of the matrix and correspond with a gauge that, when inserted into the black triangle, indicates which curvature to use.

The matrices come in two sizes (large incisor and small incisor) and four curvatures allowing you to treat the entire anterior sextant, canine to canine and both upper and lower arches with strong aesthetically pleasing results.

Black triangle Matrices

Using paired matrices, curvature (indicated by color) closes spaces up to:

Pink – 1 mm space
Yellow – 1.5 mm space

Green – 2 mm space
Blue – 2.5 mm space

1. Small Incisor BT Matrix Tub: For mandibular incisors and small maxillary lateral incisors

2. Large Incisor BT Matrix Tub: Are taller and wrap the tooth more than the Small Incisor BT Matrices. They should be used for maxillary central Incisors, large maxillary lateral incisors, maxillary and mandibular canines, and maxillary and mandibular bicuspids.

Black Triangle Gauge

The BT Gauge is for use with the new color-coded BT Matrices. The use of the gauge with these color-coded matrices is designed to make black triangle closures simpler and more efficient.

TruContact Saws and Sanders

Contact optimization is an essential part of the Bioclear Method. Natural contacts are generally too tight and too rough to allow insertion of a mylar matrix. Bioclear TruContact Saws and Sanders are designed to work in sequence to lighten the contact which then improves the ease of placement of the mylar matrices. As an additional advantage, the TruContact also removes biofilm from the contact

Dual Color Disclosing Solution

Disclosing solution for discovery of cracks and biofilm for blasting. Newer Biofilm stains pink. Older biofilm & cracks (more than 24 hours) stain purple, aiding the clinician in properly educating patients about oral hygiene & restorative needs.


Cleaning & Sterilization

1. BT Gauges and TrueContact Saws and Sanders are reusable and autoclavable. Wash with soap and water using a soft brush to remove debris
Note: Do NOT use sprays/wipes, this could damage the BT Gauge.
2. Sterilize using steam sterilizers only on the regular cycle
Note: Temperature of sterilizer should NOT exceed 270° F/132° C

For black triangle closure in anterior teeth
Pink matrix – 1 mm space closure
Yellow matrix – 1.5 mm space closure
Green matrix– 2 mm space closure
Blue matrix – 2.5 mm space closure

A. Insert the BT Gauge (included in the Intro Black Triangle Kit) under the contact into the black triangle space from facial to lingual until gauge binds.
B. Look from the occlusal to see which color matrix to use. The incisal edges are a good reference. If the gauge is in between colors, use the matrix with the smaller amount of curvature (see the Curvature Guidelines on the back of the instructions)
C. Decide if the tooth is small or large, and then choose the appropriate colored matrix in that size
D. Small – mandibular incisors, or small maxillary lateral incisors
E. Large – All other teeth - maxillary incisors, maxillary canines, mandibular canines, and bicuspids

A. Use Bioclear Dual Color Disclosing Solution (included in the Intro Black Triangle Kit), then blast or traditionally clean until all biofilm is removed.

A. Use the blue, orange, and red TruContact Saws and Sanders (included in the Intro Black Triangle Kit), in order, to clean contact and to manage tension of contact as needed.

A. Insert the appropriate paired matrices as determined by the BT Gauge and the Sizing Guidelines on the back page.

A. Etch the entire tooth for 20 seconds, rinse, and dry.

A. After adhesion, injection over-mold the tooth with flowable and/or regular paste composite into the matrices. Cure the composite from buccal and lingual.
B. Completely release the matrices from the teeth by running a Clark Explorer (not included) between matrix and tooth. Use a hemostat to grab and remove matrix.
C. Finish the restoration

Store at cool and dry place

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Bioclear Black Triangle kit - Matrix System for Anterior Black Triangles
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