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AVUE Dentasil - Condensation Silicone Putty/Light Body

Dental Avenue
DentaSil-900 ml
DentaWash-140 ml
Dentacat-60 ml
Rs. 635 Rs. 4,000
Dentasil C silicone impression material.
Features and Benefits
1.Kneadable and soft Putty
2.Smooth Handling
3. High Elastic strength
4.Easy withdrawal without resistance
5.Non Sticky
Size :

Condensation silicon is the first silicon material ever used in dentistry. It is commonly used to get impressions in the preparation of crowns, bridges, onlays, and inlays. In some cases, it's used for an impression in the process of preparation for complete dentures

Dentasil Condensation-silicone Impression material comprises of:- 

Dentasil-Silicone based condensation Type elastomeric impression material (Putty)

Dentawash-Low Viscosity Silicone-Based Condensation Type elastomeric Precision Impression material

Dentacat- Activator Paste for Condensation Type Silicone

Features and Benefits

  • Kneadable Putty
  • Smooth Handling
  • Elastic strength
  • Easy withdrawal
  • Very high viscosity C-Silicone (condensation curing).
  • Based on polysiloxanes and Non Sticky

    DentaSil Putty




    A C-Silicone, elastomeric, high precision correction impression material of low viscosity.

    A catalyst for the condensation curing materials.

    Very High Viscosity


    It is a bright red smooth paste and contrasts very well with the yellow colour of the putty and the blue of the light body.

    Based on Polysiloxanes



    Is suitable as a base impression material to be used in conjunction with DentaWash



    ISO 4823/ADA 19

    ISO 4823 / ADA 19


    Type 0 –Putty consistency

    Type 3 – light bodied consistency





    Crown/Bridge work
    Implant supported prosthesis
    Functional Peripheries
    Over Impressions for copper band impressions
    Occlusal Registrations
    Reline Impressions
    Dentasil Putty:
    Total Working time: 1’15’’
    Time in the mouth: 2’30”
    Total setting time: 3’45”
    Shore A Hardness: 65
    Strain in Compression (%): 2-5
    Recovery from Deformation(%): >99.0
    Linear Dimensional Change(%): <0.3
    Colour: Yellow
    Total Working time: 1’30”
    Time in the mouth: 4’00”
    Total setting time: 5’30”
    Shore A Hardness: 50
    Strain in Compression (%): 2-8
    Recovery from Deformation(%): >99.0
    Linear Dimensional Change(%): <0.6
    Colour: Blue
    1. In Dosage of 1 scoop (18g) Putty add diameter of scoop (0.35g) of activator paste.
    2. First Putty Impression with tray loaded with Dentasil putty (mixture of Putty and activator).
    3. Put 2 equal layers of Dentacat and Dentawash in the mixing pad provided.
    4. Mix them well for double wash impression.
    • Overdosing of activator reduces working and setting times.
    • Underdosing of activator prolongs working and setting time
    • Application is at 23°C±2°C/73°F±4°F,50±5% relative humidity
    • Higher temperatures reduces working and setting times
    • Lower temperatures prolongs working and setting times
    Store at cool and dry place

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    AVUE Dentasil - Condensation Silicone Putty/Light Body
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