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DiaDent - Non Standard Sizes - mm Marked Gutta Percha Points

pk of 100
Rs. 245 Rs. 1,650
DiaDent’s special tapered points to provide the most accurate depth measurements

Key Features
1. Milimeter marked
.2 Laser Inspected
3. Hand jigged rolled
4. Save chair time
5. Color coded
Size :

DiaDent mm Marked Gutta Percha Points - Non Standard Sizes

  • Quick and easy method for depth measurements
  • Eliminates apex perforations which may lead to bleeding
  • Completely seals the entire length of the canal
  • Save chair time with pre-measured points
  • Most accurate depth measurements
  • Shelf life: 4 years

Hand Jig Rolled Gutta Percha Points

  • Superior than machine rolled points
  • Consistent, uniform taper
  • Smooth, rounded bullet shaped tips
  • Readily conforms to shape of canal
  • Optical apical seal

Laser Inspected

  • Using a laser beam, each DiaDent ML.029™ point is individually inspected at diameters D3 and D16
  • ISO and ADA standard only requires 0.01 mm incremental measurement units.
  • DiaDent uses 0.001 mm increments

ML.029 Gutta Percha points

  • Gutta percha provide a fast and reliable solution for root canal measuring and filling.
  • It reduces the possibility of over-extension. The +- .-29 diameter tolerance ensures an excellent fit to the files.
  • The points are Cadmium-free, latex-free, radiopaque, and hand-rolled.
  • These gutta percha points are ISO (International Standard Sizes) which means they are .02 tapered.  Available in Sliding Package (120 points/box).

Dia-Pro ISO Gutta Percha complements: 

  • Tapered (.04 and .06) Rotary Files, ProFile® ISO Rotary Files, EndoSequence® Files, K3® Files, EdgeSequel™ Sapphire, Vortex®, Vortex Blue™.

Dia-ProT Gutta Percha complements:

  • Dia-X™ Files, ProTaper® Files, EdgeTaper™. 
  • These points are millimeter-marked and are packaged in a convenient one-hand sliding-open package.  Length = 28mm +/- 1
Solid gutta percha points for Root canal filling
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Preparation before use
1. Before using the product, check the expiration date and make sure there is no dirt, dust, or any foreign substance. Do not use if the Gutta Percha is too hard and not elastic.
2. Read and fully understand the manufacturer's instructions and study the step-by-step guide thoroughly.
3. Prepare all accessories and instruments required prior to the procedure.

Directions for use
In order to fill a root canal, a dental professional must follow the following steps.
1. Select a Gutta Percha master cone that fits the apex and check the working length before filling the root canal.Cut off the useless cone tip before inserting the Gutta Percha into the root canal.

2. When the Gutta Percha point is placed inside the root canal, take an x-ray to confirm that the Gutta Percha point is located 1mm away from the apex and perfectly fits the root canal
3. Remove the Gutta Percha point from the root canal and dry with a paper point. Choose a file that is one size smaller than the one used to perforate the root canal. Apply the sealer to the file and spread the inside of the canal. Finish up by applying the sealer to Gutta Percha point tip around 1mm and inserting it into the root canal.
4. This procedure is the most fundamental method. However, a dental professional may consider using more Gutta Percha points or perform the procedure in a different way based on the patient's symptoms.
Gutta Percha points are for a single use. Do not re-use them.

Store at cool and dry place

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