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DMG Icon Smooth Surface - Caries Infiltrant

Per Kit - 1 x 0.45ml Icon Etch, 1 x 0.45ml Icon Dry, 1 x 0.45ml Icon Infiltrant, Accessories
Each Patient Pack is designed to treat 2-3 lesions
Rs. 7,400 Rs. 54,675
The microinvasive, effective and esthetic solution for enamel white spots of non-cavitated enamel lesions, mild/moderate fluorosis with an intact surface &idiopathic/trauma induced white spots.

Key Features
1. Minimally invasive: without drilling or anesthesia
2. Restores tooth back to its natural shade with no uneccessary loss of healthy tooth structure
3. One quick and simple patient visit
4.Micro-invasive treatment
5.Arrests caries at an early stage
6.Preserves healthy tooth structure
7.Preventive procedure for deciduous dentition
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Icon Smooth Surface - Caries Infiltrant

Icon smooth surface is an innovative product for the micro-invasive treatment of lesions. It was especially developed for smooth surface infiltration and is particularly suitable for the treatment and masking of white spots.


Before treatment

Cariogenic acids attack the enamel and draw out minerals. The tooth becomes porous so lower refractive index than healthy tissue, so looks like white spots.

After treatment

By sealing the pore system by infiltrant,a highly fluid resin,cariogenic acids can no longer penetrate into the lesion, thus stopping the progression of the caries at an early stage and make refractive index similar to healthy enamel.

Initial caries causes discoloration on smooth surfaces

Until now, there was no truly effective treatment option available for these cariogenic white spots, which are often visible after bracket removal.

Not every spot is a cariogenic white spot

Fluorosis or enamel developmental defects be treated in a way that is permanently effective, efficient and comfortable for the patient. Bleaching alone will not achieve a consistently effective result in most cases of tooth discoloration, and invasive treatment methods like veneer restorations are time-consuming and costly. Plus, they always involve sacrificing healthy tooth substance.

Caries infiltration treatment with Icon

Caries infiltration with Icon fills the gap between prophylaxis and filling. It also optically blends in the lesion with the healthy enamel, allowing the innovative method to be used for esthetic treatments of front teeth, where appearance plays an important role.

An ingeniously simple Principle

The infiltration method is simple. After pretreatment with Icon Etch, a highly fluid resin (Icon Infiltrant) is applied to the affected area. Capillary action draws the infiltrant deep into the porous enamel, and it is then light-cured.
The infiltrated area visually takes on the appearance of the surrounding healthy enamel.



Esthetic results on smooth surfaces
Caries are arrested at an early stage
• Healthy tooth structure is preserved
No anesthesia or drilling required
• Teeth are restored back to their natural shade
• One quick and easy patient visit

1. White Spots
A. White spots also occur during start of caries such as incipient caries.
B. White spots often occur after orthodontic treatment or after retainers are removed

2. Class 2 proximal caries (Areas between teeth are at risk but difficult to access)
3. For Non Invasive treatment resulting in prevention of loss of healthy tooth substance.
  • Icon etch [Massage] - 2min
  • Icon dry - 30 SECONDS
  • Light cure time-40 sec
  • Instructions To Use:

    1. ICON ETCH: Prepare the surface

    Apply the HCl-Gel to the affected area with our special applicator tip, removing the pseudo-intact surface layer. Once this layer has been successfully removed, the infiltrant can penetrate into the pore system of the tooth.The etching step can be repeated up to two more times if needed.

    2. ICON DRY

    Dry the lesion with Icon Dry (ethanol) and air for visual inspection and to offer a protective final coat.


    Apply the infiltrant and allow it to penetrate deep into the enamel through capillary action. Then, light cure for 40 seconds each on all sides.The infiltrated lesion has similar mechanical and visual properties to healthy enamel.

    1. Store at 2 to 25 °C / 36 to 77 °F!
    2. Protect from direct sunlight
    3. Do not use after the expiration date

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    DMG Icon Smooth Surface - Caries Infiltrant
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