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DMG Luxacrown - Semi-Permanent Chair Side Composite Crown

Automix Syringe - 1 x 50ml
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The chairside way to long-lasting crowns and bridges upto 5 years

Key Features
1. Quick and easy technique
2. Optimum mechanical properties
3. Excellent fracture toughness
4. Excellent polishability
5. Simple processing
6. Long-lasting with excellent results
Material :

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LuxaCrown: Semi - Permanent chairside composite crown & bridge material


Thanks to its outstanding stability, LuxaCrown is raising the bar for restorations. Produced with ease in one chairside session, it offers impressive long-term reliability<upto 5 years>. In its role as a high-performance crown and bridge material, LuxaCrown bridges the gap between simple temporary provisionals and permanent dental prostheses with its remarkable combination of strength, durability and esthetics.

RELIABLY STABLE In-vitro studies measuring flexural strength, fracture toughness, wear, polishability and color stability demonstrate the outstanding mechanical properties of the material, ensuring stable and long-term restorations.


LuxaCrown for both crowns and bridges to give the remaining tooth long-term protection, restore anatomical form and masticatory function, and for correcting esthetic deficiencies. LuxaCrown’s durability allows for the long-term monitoring of treatment success during healing stages and for difficult restorations


The proven Automix system guarantees efficient usage with optimal material results, producing up to 36 single crowns or up to 24 three-unit bridges. 

Healthy dentition is preserved.
Reliably stable

LuxaCrown is reliably hard and resistant. The high-performance material has exceptional fracture toughness with > 2MPa ensuring stable, long-term provisional.

  • All restorative crown needs (deciduous, geriatric, implant, etc.)
  • Adult teeth restorations post root canal treatment
  • Mid to long-term implant restorations
  • Protection of remaining dentition against acid erosion (e.g. bulimia) and abrasion (bruxism)
  • Affordable restorative option
  • 0:00 – 0:40 min - Place into the mouth
  • 1:45 – 2:20 min - Remove from the mouth
  • 5:00 min - Setting completed
  • Flexural strength=154mpa
  • Instructions To Use:c 1. Before preparation of crowns or bridges, take an impression using alginate, silicone or a thermoplastic impression material. Alternatively, the temporary can be made using a laboratory-prepared thermoforming matrix. Strictly follow the appropriate manufacturer’s instructions.
    Note: In a silicone impression, undercuts should be compensated for and, if necessary, relief channels should be cut.
    2. Dry the prepared teeth and compensate for any undercuts present in the preparation.
    3. Lightly coat the prepared teeth, surrounding tissue and any present composite core build-ups with Vaseline or a similar separating agent.
    Note: The convergence angle must be kept as small as possible in the preparation.Ensure an appropriate connector cross-section with splinted crowns and bridges.
    4. Select the desired LuxaCrown shade.
    5. Fill the impression with LuxaCrown. Start by applying the material to the occlusal surfaces and fill up working toward the gingival areas. Keep excess material to a minimum.
    Note: To avoid bubbles, keep the mixing tip immersed in the material throughout application.
    6. After a maximum time period of 0:40 minutes from the start of mixing, place the filled impression with moderate pressure on the prepared teeth and fix.
    7. Monitor the setting process intraorally (e.g. with a probe), as the curing process is influenced by the temperature in the mouth and as it is recommended to take off the restoration during the elastic phase.
    8. Remove the restoration from the mouth during the elastic phase, i.e. in the time period from 1:45 to 2:20 minutes after the start of mixing.
    9. Remove the oxygen inhibition layer at the surface of the restoration (e.g. with alcohol). Caution! Grinding dust can get in the eyes and airways when working on or finishing the restoration.
    ▸ Wear a face mask and protective goggles.
    ▸ Make sure that grinding dust is properly extracted – do not breathe it in.
    10. About 5:00 min after the start of mixing, finish the restoration using cross-cut burs, flexible discs, etc.
    11. If necessary, coat the surface of the restoration with a light-curing high-gloss glaze (e.g. LuxaGlaze) or manually polish it with a rubber polisher or small goat hair brush and a suitable polishing paste.
    12. Thoroughly clean the preparation with water spray, dry it and thoroughly remove the separating medium. In doing so, ensure that the dentine retains a little residual moisture and does not become too dry.
    13. Slightly roughen the inner crown surfaces with a bur or sand blaster.
    14. Cement the restoration using a suitable permanent or temporary cement
    Note: Cements that contain eugenol may prevent the polymerization of resin based luting cements during the definitive cementation.
    15. Check the occlusion and adjust accordingly. Individualization of and repairs to restorations Note: Repairs can only be performed in cases where small defects are present that do not adversely affect stability.
    1. Individualization of or repairs to in site restorations: Slightly roughen the restoration with a bur or sand blaster at the corresponding site. Afterwards apply a bonding agent in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
    2. Apply LuxaCrown to the prepared sites.
    3. Finish the corresponding site in the usual manner after 5 min.
    Note: In order to accelerate polymerization, the finished restoration can be placed in hot water at a temperature of 50°C for a few minutes. Alternatively, the restoration can also be individualized or repaired using the flowable and light-curing composite.

    ▸ Store at room temperature (15–25°C/59–77°F) in a dry place.
    ▸ Keep away from direct sunlight.
    ▸ Do not use after the expiration date!

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    DMG Luxacrown - Semi-Permanent Chair Side Composite Crown
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