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DMG O-Bite - Addition Silicone Based Bite Registration Material

2 x 50ml Cartiridge + tips
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Addition Silicone Based Bite Registration Material

Key Features
1. Superior hardness Shore A = 93
2. Superb accuracy and predictability
3. Long working time, short setting time
4. Outstanding stability
5. Superior break resistance
6. Minimal bite resistance
7. Patient-friendly, fruity orange scent
8. Not technique sensitive
9. Can be trimmed and finished either with a scalpel or silicone cutters

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O-BITE - Addition Silicone Based Bite Registration Material

  • O-Bite is a superior and automatically mixed bite registration material that provides you with exceptional accuracy, predictability and speed. O-Bite's proprietary vinyl polysiloxane formulation offers a Shore A Hardness of 93 providing unrivaled stability and resistance to breakage.
  • With a working time of 30 seconds at a setting time in the mouth of 90 seconds after start of mixing, O-Bite ensures an extra comfortable treatment procedure for both patient and dentist.
  • O-Bite requires no special technique and will not stick to undercuts or existing restorations. Once you've removed the registration from the mouth, simply trim it with a standard scalpel, disinfect it and send it off to the lab

Features  Benefits

  • Maximum final hardness     
  • Good break resistance     
  • Long working time     
  • Short setting     
  • Fresh fruity orange scent


  • Rigid repositioning on the model.
  • Easy trimming and contour shaping reduced risk of breakage.
  • Afe application on the entire mandibular arch.
  • Rapid-fixing bite situation.
  • Increased patient comfort.
1. Bite Registration
2. Material for application on bite forks for use with facebows
3. Key Material,e.g for intraoral incisal pin records
Total working time* ≤ 0:30 min
Recommended time in mouth ≥ 1:30 min
Shore-A hardness (1 h) ≥ 93
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Instructions To Use:

Create bite registration
1. Apply the bite registration material directly to the occlusal surfaces. If necessary, apply to prepared areas first.
Please note: It is usually sufficient to apply the material to the teeth of the upper or lower dental arch. In the area of the front teeth, it is recommended that the material be applied to both dental arches. A material layer approx. 5 mm thick should be sufficient.
2. Allow patient to adopt the desired occlusion.
3. After 1:30 min., carefully remove the finished bite registration from the mouth.

Process bite registration
Please note: The material has a high final hardness and can be processed with a rotating instrument (e.g. grinder). Immediately after removal, excess can also be removed with a scalpel.
1. Remove excess material extending beyond the cast chewing surface areas.
2. Remove shreds of material which extend into the approximal areas.

▸ Store at room temperature (15 – 25 °C/59 – 77 °F) in a dry place.
▸ Do not store in the fridge or freezer.
▸ Protect against exposure to direct sunlight.
▸ After the application, leave the used tip on the cartridge to cap unused material.
▸ Do not use after the expiration date.
Special storage conditions are not required. The bite registration can be stored for a long period of time.

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DMG O-Bite - Addition Silicone Based Bite Registration Material
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