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SDI Radii Plus - High powered cordless LED curing light

LED bleaching arch with stand and light curing head
Rs. 47,610 Rs. 49,500
High powered cordless LED curing light
Key Features
1. Simple to replace parts
2. Cordless
3. No noisy fan
4. Infection control
5. Built in radiometer
6. Slimline design
7. Rotatable head
8. Lightweight

Radii Plus - High powered cordless LED curing light

Not just a powerful LED curing light

Curing? Whitening? Transilluminating? The Radii Plus does it all. The amazing transformation takes place with a simple pull and click of the LED attachment. It’s unique, easy to upgrade design, provides unlimited potential making it the best investment you will ever make

Ramp mode (soft start)

You have a choice. The Radii Plus is initially set up without a ramp. When the ramp mode is selected, the Radii Plus’ light output power gradually increases during the first 5 seconds. This minimises polymerisation stress in the restoration. To switch between modes, hold down the on/off button until audio beeps are heard. A blue light comes on when the ramp mode is activated.

Pulse technology

Using a combination of pulse technology and steady current, the Radii Plus can achieve a higher light output without generating excess heat.

5 Year waranty

The Radii Plus’ robust and reliable construction assures your investment is long lasting. The standard Radii Plus unit has a 5 year warranty. The battery section has a 2 year warranty.

Depth of cure

Radii Plus’ up to 6mm depth of cure enables more complete curing of the restoration. This ensures interfacial adaptation and longevity of the restoration.

Efficient energy user

The light emitted by the Radii Plus corresponds to the maximum absorbance of camphorquinone ensuring efficient curing of most light cured dental materials.

Simple to replace parts

Designed with snap-in or screw in connections, each part of the Radii Plus including the battery is easy to remove and replace.


The Radii Plus is a cordless unit allowing complete freedom of movement and total control.

No noisy fan

Unlike other LED lights, the Radii Plus does not require a fan. It uses heat sink technology to reduce the amount of heat emission.

High intensity – 1,500mW/cm2

The higher the intensity, the more the light penetrates to efficiently cure the restorative

Infection control

Perfectly fitted disposable barrier sleeves prevent cross contamination.


The Radii Plus does not need to be constantly recharged. Its can be used for 1200 ten second cures with just  one charge.

Built in radiometer

The Radii Plus’ built-in radiometer provides a simple test to ensure the functionality of the light.

Slimline design

The small tip and slimline design of the Radii Plus allows users to have easy access to the posterior area. This is particularly beneficial when treating children.

Rotatable head

The head of the Radii Plus can be easily turned 360º to what ever position required. Upper quadrants are simple to access.

Lightweight  – 177g/6.2oz

The standard Radii Plus’ ergonomic and lightweight design minimizes user fatigue and maximizes comfort.

To polymerize resin based light cured composites
Wavelength range 440 nm: 480 nm
Peak wavelength range: 460 nm
Light intensity: 1500 mW/cm 2 (peak)
RAMP mode elapsed time to full intensity: 5 seconds
Duration of continuous use:
NO RAMP mode: 60 seconds
RAMP mode: 65 seconds
Total continuous run time with fully charged battery: 3 hours 20 minutes
Dimensions: 22 mm diameter x 243 mm long
Weight: 177 g /6.2 ounces
Battery: 7.4 V Lithium Ion – 14 Wh
The Radii Plus has been carefully packed to withstand any damage during transit. Ensure all parts contained within the box match the product contents list above.
1) Remove all parts from the box.
2) Place the plug pack cable into the charger.
3) Fix the correct adapter head onto the plug pack.
4) Plug the plug pack into an available power outlet and turn power outlet on.
The charger will conduct a brief LED test: the charge light LED should momentarily show red/green and the 5 blue radiometer LEDs should turn on/off.
5) Place the curing light handpiece into the charger. The handpiece can be rotated 360º in the charger. Depending on the length of time from manufacture to package opening, the charge remaining in the battery can vary. The charge light will show the below three conditions.
Charge Light Color Battery condition
Red – discharged
Flashing Green charging - OK to use
Green – charged
To ensure the highest level of performance, allow the Radii Plus to fully charge prior to first use. On average, it will take approximately 1-3 hours to initially charge the Radii Plus
• Turning unit on and off
Simply pick up the curing light handpiece, press the on/off button once to activate and de-activate the light. Audible beeps facilitate accurate time measurement of curing. Replace the Radii Plus back in the charger when not in use.
• NO RAMP mode and RAMP mode.
The Radii Plus has two curing modes, NO RAMP and RAMP mode. NO RAMP mode will output 100% intensity immediately after pressing the on/off button whereas RAMP mode will output a reduced intensity for the first 5 seconds before irradiating at 100% intensity.
• Switching between the NO RAMP mode and RAMP mode.
The Radii Plus has been set at the factory to the NO RAMP mode. To switch between the NO RAMP mode and RAMP mode, when the Radii Plus is off, hold down the on/off button for 3 seconds. Two audible beeps will be heard. The unit will now be programmed for RAMP mode. To switch back to the NO RAMP mode, hold down the on/off button for 3 seconds, a single audible beep will be heard indicating the unit has switched back to NO RAMP mode.
NOTE: In RAMP mode the visible light starts slightly dimmer and progressively gets stronger, as opposed to in NO RAMP mode, where the visible light is constant from the start
RAMP mode indicator:
This unit has been fitted with a blue indicator light above the on/off button. When in RAMP mode, the indicator light will show blue. The indicator light is off in the NO RAMP mode.
• Audible beeps for NO RAMP and RAMP modes:
Depending on the mode set (NO RAMP or RAMP), the beeping cycle will differ. Rotating and changing the LED attachment
The LED attachment, can be rotated 360º to ensure accurate and detailed polimerization in any area of the mouth.
WARNING: Do not rotate the LED attachment at the LED end, instead turn at the end closer to the control section as shown below:
Lens Cap
The Radii Plus has been supplied with a lens cap fitted. The lens cap should be inspected prior to each use for scratches, cracks or foreign matter that may reduce the effectiveness of the LED light source. Generally lens caps should be replaced every 2 weeks. To remove the lens cap carefully unscrew the old lens cap counter- clockwise and fit the new lens cap by tightening clockwise.
• Built in Radiometer
The Radii Plus’s built-in radiometer provides a simple test to check the functionality of the unit. With the Radii Plus on, carefully position the lens cap on the built-in radiometer. 4 or 5 lights should illuminate indicating a fully functional unit. If only 1,2 or 3 lights illuminate, it could be due to the following reasons:
1) There could be some material on the lens cap such as composite: - the lens cap should be replaced.
2) The lens cap could be damaged or cracked: - it should be replaced.
3) The battery could be extremely low - the unit should be recharged.
4) In a severe case the light could be malfunctioning: - the unit should be serviced.
• Disposable barrier sleeves
Transparent, disposable barrier sleeves are supplied to protect the handpiece and prevent cross contamination. Testing showed no significant difference in spectral and energy output when operating with or without a barrier sleeve in place. Slide the barrier sleeve over the end of the handpiece before placing the orange light shield on the end of the handpiece.
It is essential to use disposable barrier sleeves to prevent any liquids getting on the handpiece. Evidence of liquids entering handpiece causing damage due to not using barrier sleeves will void warranty
• Automatic shut off function using the standard LED attachment
Should the Radii Plus standard LED attachment become too hot due to excessive use (after about 4 minutes of continuous irradiation), the unit will automatically shut off and be un-usable for about 1 minute until it cools down. If using a different LED attachment, please refer to the instruction sheet for that attachment’s automatic shut-off sequence as it may vary.
• Changing the LED Attachment
The Radii Plus allows you to change the LED attachment depending on the curing situation. To change the LED attachment, pull off the LED attachment carefully.
• Changing the battery pack
Carefully unscrew the battery pack counter-clockwise to remove and replace. A single beep will be heard when the battery pack is successfully connected.
• Cleaning the Radii Plus:
The ideal way to protect patients from cross-infection is to utilise Radii Plus barrier sleeves. Barrier sleeves are also essential to keep the Radii Plus clean. When cleaning the Radii Plus handpiece, ensure lens cap, battery pack, control section and LED attachment are connected as one unit.
• General Surface Cleaning
General surface cleaning can be conducted with anti-microbial surface disinfectant such as Glutaraldehyde, Chlorhexidine gluconate, and 70% Isopropyl alcohol. When applying the disinfectant to any component of the device, spray the disinfectant agent onto a piece of cloth and wipe over the external areas to be cleaned.
• Curing Times
Curing times will differ for different formulations of composite restorative materials. Follow the manufacturers instructions for recommended curing times. Always bench test new materials before use in-vivo.
• Disposal of battery pack
As a means of protecting the environment, the Radii Plus battery pack is fitted with a Lithium Ion battery pack. Dispose of battery pack in accordance with local legal regulation

Ambient temperature: 0 ̊C - 40 ̊C (32 ̊F - 104 ̊F)
Relative humidity: 10% - 85%
Atmospheric pressure: 0.5 atm - 1.0 atm (500 hPa to 1060 hPaAmbient temperature: 0 ̊C - 40 ̊C (32 ̊F - 104 ̊F)
Relative humidity: 10% - 85%
Atmospheric pressure: 0.5 atm - 1.0 atm (500 hPa to 1060 hPa

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SDI Radii Plus - High powered cordless LED curing light
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