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SDI RivaCem - Resin Modified GIC Luting Cement

8.5 gms syringe
Rs. 2,590 Rs. 3,050
Resin self cure modified glass ionomer luting cement

Key Features
1. Light tack cure option for quick and easy removal of excess cement
2. High bond strength
3. No Bisphenol A or derivatives
4. Greater stain resistance
5. Sustained fluoride release
6. Easy to mix paste/paste system

 Riva Cem - Resin Modified GIC Luting Cement

  • Easy to mix paste/paste luting cement for the permanent cementation of indirect restorations. Minimal wastage & the benefit of a light tack cure helps ease the whole process.
  • Riva cem is a resin modified glass-ionomer luting cement and a sure shot go to for any dentist. The material is a self curing, radiopaque, fluoride releasing paste and is used for various dental applications like permanent cementation of metal-based and strengthen-core ceramic restorations, and orthodontic appliances.

Light tack cure option for quick and easy removal of excess cement

  • Light cure any excess material for 5 seconds per surface using a high power LED curing light (460-480nm emission). Then gently remove it using a scaler
    or explorer. Excess can also be easily removed during self-curing gel stage (when cement feels rubbery), after 1 min 45 seconds.

High bond strength

  • Rivacem has excellent adhesion to dentine, zirconia and titanium, making it ideal for the cementation of ceramic and metal based indirect restorations.
    Its high bond strength ensures long term retention of restorations.

No Bisphenol A or derivatives

  • Riva cem does not contain any Bisphenol A or its derivatives. Dentists can use this product on patients with confidence and peace of mind.

Greater stain resistance

  • Rivacem has the lowest colour change when stained with common drinks.
    The material has optimal translucency, achieving invisible margins around
    indirect restorations.

Sustained fluoride release

  • Fluoride release is a key feature of glass ionomer cements. Riva cem is designed with sustained fluoride release, making the tooth stronger and more resistant to caries.
1. It is indicated for permanent cementation of metal, pfm, ceramics crown & bridges.
2. For permanent cementation of fiber posts
3. For luting metal,all ceramics, resin inlays & onlays
4. For cementing metal orthodontic appliances
Working time- 1’45”
Setting time- 4’30”
Shear bond strength (Mpa) - Dentin- 13.03 ± 3.40
Shear bond strength (Mpa) – Enamel- 9.99 ± 3.17
Compressive strength (Mpa) - 108
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1. Prepare tooth using standard clinical guidelines.
2. For optimum adhesion, condition the tooth with riva conditioner (SDI Ltd.) for 10 seconds. Rinse thoroughly with water and remove excess water.
3. In cases where pulp protection is necessary, use a calcium hydroxide liner or a resin-modified glass-ionomer liner such as riva bond LC P/L (SDI Ltd.)

2. Mixing:
1. Remove the syringe from the foil pack.
2. Remove the cap from the syringe.
3. Before each use, dispense a small amount to ensure even dispensing or to remove any dried out paste. Discard this material
4. Extrude required amount of pastes onto a mixing pad. Important: Ensure the thumb is positioned firmly in the middle of the plunger to obtain the correct dispensing ratio of the two pastes.
5. Using the plastic spatula provided, mix the two pastes together thoroughly for 15 seconds. Be careful not to incorporate air bubbles.

Note: Do not expose riva cem paste directly to operatory light to avoid early setting of the material.

1. Ensure the internal surface of the restoration to be seated is cleaned, dried and prepared according to manufacturer’s instructions.
2. Apply a thin layer of cement to the bonding surface.
3. Seat the restoration within 30 seconds of completion of mixing before any light curing is carried out

• Avoid excess heat and direct sunlight.
• Do not remove riva cem syringes from foil packets until ready to use.
• Store between 10°C and 25°C (50° - 77°F).
• If stored at cooler temperature allow product to reach room temperature prior to use.
• Use at room temperature between 20°C and 25°C (68° - 77°F)
• Store with cap securely attached to the syringe. Do not allow the pastes to dry out

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SDI RivaCem - Resin Modified GIC Luting Cement
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