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SDI Riva Light Cure - Resin Reinforced Glass Ionomer Cement

50 capsules box
Rs. 7,475 Rs. 8,775
Light Cured Resin Reinforced Glass Ionomer Restorative Material
Key Features
1. Bioactive Glass
2. High Flexural Strength
3. High Fluroide Release
4. Exceptional Handling
5. Bpa Free
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Riva Light Cure- Light cured resin reinforced glass ionomer restorative material

  • MULTI AWARDED GLASS INOMER RESTORATIVE has restored the smiles of over 35 million people across 100 countries.
  • Using award winning patented ionglassTM technology, Riva Light Cure has earned its reputation through superior aesthetics, strength and handling.
  • Riva Light Cure is the ideal long term glass ionomer solution


  • 50 years of dental research experience, and a ton of hard work has made SDI’s ion glassTM filler a success.
  • It was developed specially for Riva and is manufactured in Australia by our glass experts.
  • The ion glass TM technology mimics the natural tooth structure, guaranteeing a healthy smile on patient’s face. The restorations will withstand long term mastication forces.

Bioactive Glass

Riva Light Cure contains ion glassTM filler, made of a unique blend of different sizes of ultrafine highly reactive glass particles.
  • Our Light Cured Resin Reinforced Glass Ionomer Restorative Material guarantees long term restorations, which excel in handling, strength and aesthetics.
  • The ion glassTM filler contains fluoride and strontium ions which synergistically enhance tooth bio remineralization. (Source: Thuy et al. Arch Oral Biol. 2008 Nov; 53(11):1017-22)
  • Patient Satisfaction, healthier teeth, long lasting restorations are a few benefits of the Superior biocompatibility provided by Riva Light Cure

High Flexural Strength

  • Riva Light Cure with ionglassTM biomimetic technology is a step into the future when it comes to having long term restorations along with the ability to withstand mastication forces without cracking.
  • The high flexural strength (68.8 ug/cm2) also makes Riva Light Cure the ideal material for minimally invasive treatments, cervical erosions/abfraction lesions, class V restorations and as a base or liner.

Riva Light Cure Mimics Teeth

Riva Light Cure ion glassTM biomimetic technology mimics translucency and opacity of dentin and enamel, making it very pleasing on the eye, and guarantees a beautiful natural-looking restoration.

  • Riva Light Cure replaces dentin and bonds chemically to the tooth.
  • No etching or adhesive is required making the restoration time-efficient along with dramatically reducing chair time for the dentist and the risk of sensitivity for the patient.
  • A patient with a nice smile and no sensitivity has a better quality of life.

High Fluoride Release

  • The extra strong matrix provides great fluoride release. This increases the chances that Riva Light Cure restorations will be free of caries, while having very low wear.
  • Research shows that Riva Light Cure has the highest cumulative fluoride release at 6 weeks .
  • With Riva Light Cure, the satisfaction a patient gets from their Dentist increases every time as they receive long term restorations.

 Exceptional Handling

  • Riva Light Cure can be effortlessly placed and sculptured without sticking to your instruments.
  • This unique Glass Ionomer Restorative Material does not pluck, saving you time and maintaining placement integrity, especially when restoring upper teeth.
  • Riva Light Cure offers fantastic handling perfect for quick placements in patients who require quick restorations, such as children, people with special needs or patients with back or neck problems.

Easy Activation

  • The new Easy Activation capsules not only save you time, but also reduce your effort when preparing a restoration.
  • The capsules are now 70% easier to activate.
  • Stability and control are guaranteed as this minimizes hand tremors and muscle stress.


Optimal Transluency

  • Riva Light Cure provides not only a medically well done restoration but also an aesthetically pleasing one
  • It provides high translucency and ideal optical properties.
  • This chameleon effect effortlessly blends with surrounding tooth and ensures essentially zero visibility of the cure on the naked eye.

Exceptional Color Stability

  • Riva Light Cure is not effected by tea and coffee stains or any other common stains for that manner. This makes it a sure shot go to product for any patient.

 Innovative light Safe Tip

  • The Riva Light Cure capsule has a transparent orange nozzle.
  • An innovative orange tip unique to Riva Light Cure protects the paste from prematurely curing under operating light in between placements.
  • This innovation ensures you receive maximum placement control, while reducing waste.

Long Term Acid Resistance

  • The ionglassTM technology ensures a greater surface hardness. This hardness further promises greater resistance to permanent surface indentation.
  • The technology works by stimulating the biomineralization of dentin by over saturating the minerals in its organic matrix. The result is the formation of fluorapatite crystals, which are more resistant to acid attacks than the natural tooth, benefiting patients during bacterial and acidic challenges.
  • Riva’s resin-reinforced glass ionomer cement in all its advantages also includes good long term wear resistance.
1. Class I
2. Class II
3. Class III
4. Class V Cervical erosion Abfraction lesions
5. Root surface restorations
6. Core build up
7. Deciduous teeth restorations
8. Geriatric restorations
9. Temporary fillings ART (Atraumatic Restorative Treatment)
10. Dentin replacement Sandwich technique restorations
11. Molar Incisal hypomineralization (MIH) (intermediate approach)
12. Liner
13. Pit and fissure sealant
Mixing time- 10"
Working time- 2’10’’
Light Curing Time- 20”
Depth of Cure (A3) 1.8mm
Powder-liquid dosage: 1 flat scoop to 2 drops
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Instructions for capsule system

1. Prepare cavity and isolate the tooth. Apply Riva Conditioner for 10 seconds, wash and remove excess water
2. Activate the capsule and mix it in a triturator for 10 seconds, before placing it into the applicator.
3. Apply 2mm increments, light curing for 20 seconds each. Polish under water spray

Instructions for powder liquid system:

1. Prepare cavity and isolate the tooth. Apply Riva Conditioner for 10 seconds, wash and remove excess water.
2. Gently tap Riva Light Cure powder jar on the hand.
3. Dispense one level measure of powder onto the mixing pad/glass slab. Replace cap tightly.
4. Dispense two drops of liquid onto the mixing pad/glass slab next to the powder. Quickly replace cap tightly.
5. Divide the powder into two equal parts.
6. Mix the liquid with one part of the powder for 10 seconds using a plastic spatula, then include the second part and mix for another 15 to 20 seconds.

Placement Procedure
1.Place Riva Light Cure into the cavity, being careful not to trap air under or within the restoration.
Note: At 23°C/74°F working time will be about 120 seconds (2’00’’). In situations above this temperature, working times will shorten. Adhesion strength will decrease if material is manipulated after this time. Use a layering technique for cavity deeper than 2 mm.
2. Light cure for 20 seconds using Curing Light or any other visible light-curing device (470 nm wavelength). Place light source as closely as possible to the cement surface.
3. Finish restoration using standard techniques. Finishing may be commenced immediately after light curing.
4. Instruct patient not to eat for at least one hour after procedure.
5. Exposure to strong lights during mixing and placement can reduce working time.


1. Do not remove Riva Light Cure capsules from their foil packets until ready to use.
2. Store at temperatures between 4°C - 20°C (39°F - 68°F) for capsules and 4°C - 25°C (39°F - 77°F) for powder/liquid kits.
3. Use at room temperature between 20°C and 25°C (68°F - 77°F).

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SDI Riva Light Cure - Resin Reinforced Glass Ionomer Cement
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