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SDI Riva Luting - Glass Ionomer Luting Cement

1. Riva Luting Powder 35gm, Liquid 25gm
2. Pack of 50 Capsules
Rs. 2,615 Rs. 8,725
Glass Ionomer Luting Cement
Key features
1. Low solubility
2. High fluoride release
3. High flexural strength
4. Proven antimicrobial effect
5. Low film thickness
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Riva luting- Glass Ionomer Luting Cement

  • Riva Luting is a conventional, self curing, glass ionomer luting cement designed for final cementation of metal based restorations It chemically bonds to metal substrates and the tooth.


  • SDI’s proprietary ion glass™ filler developed by our glass technologists. Ion glass™ is a radiopaque, high ion releasing, reactive glass used in SDI’s range of dental cements. Riva Luting releases substantially higher fluoride to assist with remineralization of the natural dentition

Low Solubility

  • Riva Luting has low solubility in the oral environment. This increases the material’s ability to resist disintegration and wear caused by oral acidity.

Setting Time

  • Our quick setting property ensures minimal loss of working time.
  • Riva Luting significantly shortens chair time and ensures early resistance

High Fluoride Release

  • Riva Luting’s free movement of fluoride provides benefits to the tooth. Fluoride plays several significant roles in any caries - prevention program. These include the formation of fluorapatite, which is more acid resistant than hydroxyapatite. Fluorapatite is very important for tooth remineralization.

High Flexural Strength

  • High flexural strength enhances longevity of a glass ionomer luting cement by withstanding mastication forces. Riva Luting’s high flexural strength increases its durability in the oral environment and long term ability to retain indirect restorations.

Very low film thickness

  • Riva Luting quickly flows into the preparation. A low film thickness (17 microns) allows the seating of tight fitting indirect restorations.


1. Chemically adheres to tooth structure and metal substrates
2. Very low film thickness – flows easily between restoration and tooth
3. Easy to clean up
4. Low water solubility - increased longevity and aesthetics
5. High bond strengths
6. High fluoride releasing and recharging ability
7. Bioactive proprietary ionglass™ technology – high ion exchange
8. Great for PFM crowns, metal posts, orthodontic bands, implants
9. Light yellow shade
1. Cementation of metal or porcelain fused to metal inlays, onlays and crowns
2. Cementation of stainless steel crowns
3. Cementation of posts and screws
4. Attachment of metal orthodontic bands Lining
Flexural strength - 20.1 Mpa
Film thickness - 17µm
Powder/liquid ratio (g/g) - 1 scoop of powder to 2 drops of liquid (1.8/1.0)
Mixing time - 20 sec
Working time - 2’00” min
Net setting time - 2’20” min
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1. Isolate and prepare tooth core.
2. Ensure the internal surface of the restoration to be seated is cleaned and dried. Do not dehydrate the tooth. Do not remove the smear layer. In cases where pulp protection is necessary, use a calcium hydroxide liner.
3. Activate the capsule and immediately mix in a triturator. Do not click before you mix.
4. Press capsule down to click. Ten seconds in a triturator.
5.Immediately place into capsule applicator and click trigger until paste is seen through the clear nozzle.
6.Gently extrude approximately 1mm of cement onto the bonding surface.
7. Seat restoration within 30 seconds.
8. Remove excess cement at the first formation of the gel stage (approx. 2 min from start of mixing).
9. Maintain isolation until set is verified. (approx. 4 minutes, 35 seconds from start of mixing).

1. Gently tap the jar. Use the plastic scoop provided, dispense one level measure of powder onto a mixing pad/slab. Note: Use a cool glass slab for extended working time
2. Carefully dispense two drops of liquid next to the dispensed powder.
3. Add all the powder to the liquid using a plastic spatula. Quickly mix to a homogeneous paste for 20 seconds.
Note: Divide the powder into two equal parts for larger quantities. Mix the liquid with one part of the powder for 5 seconds, then include the second part and mix for 15 seconds (total 20 seconds).
4. Gently place approximately 1mm of cement onto the bonding surface.
5. Seat restoration within 30 seconds.
6. Remove excess cement at the first formation of the gel stage (approx. 2 min from start of mixing).
7. Maintain isolation until set is verified. (approx. 4 minutes, 35 seconds from start of mixing).


1. Do not remove Riva Luting capsules from their foil packets until ready to use.
2. Store at temperatures between 4°C - 20°C (39°F - 68°F) for capsules and 4°C - 30°C (39°F - 86°F) for powder liquid kits.
3. Use at room temperature between 20°C and 25°C (68°F - 77°F).

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SDI Riva Luting - Glass Ionomer Luting Cement
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