SDI Riva Self Cure - Bulk Fill Glass Hybrid Restorative Cement

1. P/L Kit - 6.9ml liquid, 15gm powder, Accesories
2. Capsules Pack of 50
Rs. 1,780 Rs. 8,775
Riva Self Cure - Bulk fill glass hybrid restorative cement
Key Features
1. Bioactive glass hybrid
2. superior compressive strength
3. Superior Fluoride release
4. Easy Activation
5. Highest Radiopacity
6. Easier extrusion
7. Optimal translucency
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Riva Self Cure - Bulk fill glass hybrid restorative cement

Riva Self Cure has the edge on glass strength and fluoride release.

Proprietary ionglass technology

Drawing on 50 years of dental research experience, SDI’s ionglass filler was developed specially for Riva and is manufactured in Australia by our glass experts.

The ionglass technology mimics the natural tooth structure, guaranteeing restorations will withstand long term mastication forces and patients will be satisfied with the treatment

Bioactive glass hybrid

Riva Self Cure contains ionglass filler, made of a unique blend of different sizes of ultrafine highly reactive glass particles. This bioactive proprietary hybrid glass enables long term restorations, being outstanding in handling, strength and aesthetics. The ionglass filler contains fluoride and strontium ions which synergistically enhance tooth bioremineralisation. Superior biocompatibility ensures healthier teeth, the restoration will last longer and the patient will be more satisfied.

Riva Self Cure is biomimetic

Riva Self Cure replaces dentine, imitating some of its natural features. The ionglass technology for Riva Self Cure mimics dentine’s hydrophilic characteristic and coefficient of thermal expansion. To make the restoration time-efficient, no etching or adhesive is required. This dramatically reduces chair time for the dentist and the risk of sensitivity for the patient. A patient with a nice smile and no sensitivity has a better quality of life.

Superior Fluoride release

The extra strong hybrid matrix provides great fluoride release, increasing defense against caries, while having very low wear to enable the perfect long term bulk fill restoration every time.

Long term acid resistance

The ionglassTM technology stimulates the biomineralisation of dentine by over saturating the minerals in its organic matrix. The result is the formation of fluorapatite crystals, which are more resistant to acid attacks than the natural tooth, benefiting patients during bacterial and acidic challenges.

The ISO Standard 9917-1 dictates that a material cannot have acid erosion of more than 0.17mm. Riva Self Cure will resist acidic oral environments.

Beautiful handling

Riva Self Cure extrudes easily into the cavity with the innovative ionglassTM particles enabling creamier, non-stick and smoother handling. Polishability is made simple and long-term surface integrity is maintained. 

Riva Self Cure has been independently evaluated as having superior handling. The unique formulation is less stringy or sticky, making placement quicker and easier.

Easy Activation

The new Easy Activation capsules are now 70% easier to activate. This saves you time and effort when preparing a restoration.

Setting time 

Riva Self Cure offers the ideal time-frame for working with comfort and confidence.

Easier extrusion

Riva Self Cure is 70% easier to extrude than other products. This minimises hand tremors and muscle stress, giving you more stability and control when placing restorations.

Stronger for long term restorations

Like dentine, Riva Self Cure has a very high compressive strength and a superior wear resistance, ensuring it will withstand long term mastication forces.

Optimal translucency

Riva Self Cure is formulated to give the best aesthetic result. This chameleon effect effortlessly blends with surrounding tooth structure and dentine.

Highest Radiopacity

Riva Self Cure ionglassTM offers significantly higher radiopacity than other restorative options of its category. On radiographs, the contrast between Riva Self Cure and dentine is evident on the tooth-restoration interface . This helps to diagnose and treat patients faster and more easily.  

1. Non stress bearing Class I and II restorations
2. Deciduous teeth restorations.
3, Geriatric restorations
4. Intermediate restorative & base material for Class I and II cavities in the sandwich technique
5. Cervical (Class V) restorations
6. Core build ups
7. Temporary fillings
8. Restorative in the field using the ART technique
Dentine replacement
Long term strength for bulk fills - 370MPa
Superior wear resistance - 99µm
Superior long term fluoride release - 3.01µg/cm2
Long term acid resistance - 0.07mm
High radiopacity - 290%
Powder/liquid ratio- 1 flat scoop to 1 drop

Capsule System
1. Push the plunger on a hard surface until it flush with the body of the capsule. Important: Do not click with an applicator before you mix.
2. Immediately place activated capsule into the Ultramat 2 amalgamator or any high speed capsule mixer (4000 – 4800 rpm).
3. Mix for 10 seconds. NOTE: The working time can be extended by decreasing the mixing time by no more than 3 seconds (i.e. minimum mixing time is 7 seconds).
4. Immediately remove the capsule and place into the Riva capsule applicator.
5. Click the trigger of the Riva capsule applicator until glass ionomer paste is seen through the clear nozzle.
6. Extrude Riva Self Cure into the cavity, being careful not to trap air under the restoration.
NOTE: Temperatures higher than 23±1 ̊C will shorten the working time specified in the above table.
7. At the end of the working time, apply Riva Coat to all exposed surfaces of restoration.
8. Light cure for 10 seconds

Powder Liquid System
1. Gently tap Riva Self Cure powder bottle on the hand. Using the plastic scoop provided, dispense one level measure of powder onto the mixing pad.
2. Carefully dispense the recommended number of drops of Riva Self Cure Liquid next to the powder on the mixing pad. Replace cap tightly.
3. Use a plastic spatula and divide the powder into two equal parts.
4. Mix the liquid with one part of the powder for 10 seconds and then include the second part and continue mixing for another 15 to 20 seconds.
5. Place mixed paste into the cavity, being careful not to trap air under or within the restoration. At 23ºC / 74ºF, the working time will be about two minutes.
6. At the end of the working time, apply Riva Coat to all exposed surfaces of restoration.
7. Light cure for 10 seconds.

1. Finish the restoration using standard techniques, after the specified finishing time.
2. Apply another layer of Riva Coat.
3. Light cure for 10 seconds.
4. Instruct patient not to eat for at least one hour after procedure.

1. Do not remove Riva Self Cure capsules from their foil packets until ready to use.
2. Store at temperatures between 4°C - 20°C (39°F - 68°F) for capsules and 4°C - 30°C (39°F - 86°F) for powder liquid kits.
3. Use at room temperature between 20°C and 25°C (68°F - 77°F).

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