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SS White G2 Diamond Burs - EX Series - EX 11 Barrel Shaped

SS White
Pack of 5 Burs
Rs. 330 Rs. 690
SS White G2 Diamond Burs are Precision, Multi-Use, Diamonds for efficient Crown & Cavity preparation.
G2 Burs have Deeply embedded diamond particles for increased durability and sharp cut.
Key features
1. Dense and uniform diamond distribution
2. Three layered diamond matrix
3. Available in multiple sizes/grits
4. Exceeds ISO requirements for concentricity
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SS WHITE G2 Diamond burs-Worldwide, SS White® diamonds

Are available in over 1000 sizes and grits, offering a wide selection of instruments to suit individual preferences.

We understand the difference between high and low quality diamond instruments and strictly adhere to 5 key manufacturing requirements that influence quality and durability of SS White® diamond instruments.

Why use SS White® diamond instruments?

  • Deeply embedded diamond particles for increased durability and sharp cut.
  • Perfectly concentric instruments that produce no noticeable vibration or chatter, which improves patient comfort and yields good clinical results.
  • Competitively priced, durable and long lasting, SS White® diamonds are a sound value and backed by a 100% SS White® guarantee.

5 key manufacturing requirements that influence quality and durability of SS White® diamond instruments.

Grade of raw materials: SS White® diamond rotary instruments are made with quality industrial diamonds, either natural or synthetic.

Uniform diamond particle size: High quality diamonds are crushed, then carefully graded for size and quality to assure consistent particle size for a particular grit for efficient cutting, smooth preparations and less vibration.

Uniform diamond particle coating: Optimum spacing of diamond particles is essential for faster, smoother cutting and durability. Each set of diamond instruments manufactured by SS White® is manually and mechanically monitored to insure consistent and optimal diamond coverage.

Optimum embedding of diamond particles: SS White® diamond instruments are manufactured utilizing a proprietary galvanic bonding process. Quality diamond instruments require proper embedding of diamond particles within the metal substrate that secures the diamond to the blank to assure an excellent cutting rate after multiple uses. If particles are embedded too deeply in the matrix the result is areas that are void of diamond particles and clinicians will experience slower reduction of the material being cut, which will increase heat buildup and the risk of pulpal damage.

Precisely ground blanks: SS White® diamonds exceed ISO requirements for concentricity allowing the instruments to run smoothly and vibration free. Exacting control of shank circumference assures concentricity and balance during high rotational speeds.

1. For tooth preparation
2. For Access cavity preparation
3. For Crown removal
4. For Occlusal adjustments
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Cleaning and Sterilizing SS White Dental, Inc. Rotary Dental Instruments
1. The intention of these instructions is to provide guidelines for the sterilization of rotary dental instruments.
2. Unless otherwise indicated, all instruments are supplied clean but not sterile. It is the user’s responsibility to sterilize instruments before the first use and if applicable, before each additional use.
3. Instruments indicated as non-sterile single use should be processed following these guidelines before the initial use only and then properly discarded.

1. Used rotary instruments should be considered contaminated and shall be handled following appropriate precautions and guidelines.
2. Personal protective equipment (PPE) including gloves, mask, and eye protection should be worn.
3. Further controls may be required if specfic patient risks are present.

1. Automatic Cleaning is the recommended method for pre-sterilization cleaning.
2. Follow the machine manufacturer’s recommended method while utilizing approved agents for the cleaning of rotary dental instruments.
3. If there is an excessive delay between use and cleaning, manual cleaning may be required. In the case that automatic cleaning is not available, rotary dental instruments may be cleaned manually.
4. Manually brush debris from instruments under running water with a wire brush and approved cleaning agent.
5. PPE should be worn and care taken to avoid spreading contaminants during the brushing process.
6. After cleaning, dry instruments with paper towel or dry heat not exceeding 140 deg C. Inspect and properly discard any instruments with signs of excessive wear, damage or corrosion.

1. Saturated steam under pressure (autoclave) is the recommended method of sterilization for rotary dental instruments.
2. The recommended cycle is 20 to 30 minutes at 121oC (250oF) at 15 to 30 psi.
3. For faster processing a rapid cycle of 3 to 10 minutes at 135 degC (275degF) at 25 to 30 psi is also acceptable.
4. Operation of the autoclave should follow the manufacturer’s recommended methods and materials.

Storage: After sterilization, store instruments in a dry, clean, and ambient temperature environment.

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SS White G2 Diamond Burs - EX Series - EX 11 Barrel Shaped
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