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SS WHITE Great white Z series - Round End Taper Diamond Bur

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Superior line of engineered diamond instruments designed to take on the toughest zirconia crowns and copings with ease
Key features
1.Proprietary bonding process with diamond points
2.Saves chair side time
3.Reduce vibration & risk of micro-fractures
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Great white Z -Over 35% of All Crowns
Placed Have Zirconia Copings

Great White  Z Diamonds are a superior line of engineered diamond instruments designed to take on the toughest zirconia crowns and copings with ease

Gain Access or Remove a Crown in less than 1 minute with Great White® Z. The proprietary bonding process with fine grit synthetic diamond particles creates more consistent particle coverage, durability and cutting efficiency, enabling faster completion of more efficient procedures, providing significant material cost savings, chair time and patient satisfaction.

If you have used standard diamonds or carbide burs to cut through a crown with a zirconia substructure or to gain endodontic access, you already know the time-consuming frustration of this task. You can ease the frustration of cutting through these hardest of dental materials with Great White Z diamonds to save time and efficiently cut through zirconia and PFM crowns. Use of Great White Z has been shown to reduce vibration and risk of micro-fractures, adding to a better patient experience

For zirconia crown removal
For access cavity preparation
For Occlusal adjustments
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Cleaning and Sterilizing SS White Dental, Inc. Rotary Dental Instruments
1 The intention of these instructions is to provide guidelines for the sterilization of rotary dental instruments.
2 Unless otherwise indicated, all instruments are supplied clean but not sterile. It is the user’s responsibility to sterilize instruments before the first use and if applicable, before each additional use.
3 Instruments indicated as non-sterile single use should be processed following these guidelines before the initial use only and then properly discarded.
1 Used rotary instruments should be considered contaminated and shall be handled following appropriate precautions and guidelines.
2 Personal protective equipment (PPE) including gloves, mask, and eye protection should be worn.
3 Further controls may be required if specfic patient risks are present.
1 Automatic Cleaning is the recommended method for pre-sterilization cleaning.
2 Follow the machine manufacturer’s recommended method while utilizing approved agents for the cleaning of rotary dental instruments.
3 If there is an excessive delay between use and cleaning, manual cleaning may be required. In the case that automatic cleaning is not available, rotary dental instruments may be cleaned manually.
4 Manually brush debris from instruments under running water with a wire brush and approved cleaning agent.
5 PPE should be worn and care taken to avoid spreading contaminants during the brushing process.
6 After cleaning, dry instruments with paper towel or dry heat not exceeding 140oC. Inspect and properly discard any instruments with signs of excessive wear, damage or corrosion.
1 Saturated steam under pressure (autoclave) is the recommended method of sterilization for rotary dental instruments.
2 The recommended cycle is 20 to 30 minutes at 121oC (250oF) at 15 to 30 psi.
For faster processing a rapid cycle of 3 to 10 minutes at 135oC (275oF) at 25 to 30 psi is also acceptable.
Operation of the autoclave should follow the manufacturer’s recommended methods and materials. Storage: After sterilization, store instruments in a dry, clean, and ambient temperature environment.

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SS WHITE Great white Z series - Round End Taper Diamond Bur
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