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SS White
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SS White Carbide Burs deliver minimal vibration when subjected to the rotational speeds of the dental hand-piece and maximizes performance and procedural comfort for you and your patient. SS White Carbide Burs are engineered to deliver the most efficient cutting rate and performance for the most popular procedures.
1. Are sharper and last longer
2. High strength
3. Efficient cutting rate
4. Fine grain tungsten carbide for durability
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Force Resistant Solid Carbide Burs

Our burs are engineered to deliver superior consistency, strength and cutting rate with minimal vibration for maximized performance and procedural comfort for you and your patient.

Powerful cutting performance

Carefully designed blade structure, rake angle, flute depth and spiral angulation combined with our specially formulated tungsten carbide results in the powerful cutting performance of our burs. SS White burs are engineered to deliver the most efficient cutting rate & performance for the most popular procedures.

All Carbides Are Not Alike

SS White® adheres to strict tolerances for concentricity of shank and head profiles during manufacturing. The result is a well-balanced carbide that: delivers minimal vibration when subjected to the rotational speeds of the dental hand-piece and maximizes performance and procedural comfort for you and your patient.

SS White® brings over 160 years of continuous improvement in the design and manufacturing of dental instruments. In 1947, SS White® introduced the first carbide bur to the dental profession and we continue to innovate operative, finishing and specialty carbide burs to serve the needs of modern dentistry.

 SS White® carbide blade are sharper and last longer

SS White® solid carbide burs are made with high quality fine-grain tungsten carbide, which produces a blade that is sharper and wears longer compared to less expensive coarse grain tungsten carbide. Blades made of fine grain tungsten carbide, retain shape even as they wear. Less expensive, large particle tungsten carbide dulls quickly as the large particles break from the blade or cutting edge

Consistent Quality

SS White® is ISO 13485, EN46001 and CE Mark Certified which means an SS White® bur is manufactured to the highest quality standards. SS White® reflects the importance of manufacturing to the highest standard of quality in its Quality Policy which states:

Total commitment to ISO 13485, MDD 93/42 EEC –Annex II and Total Quality Manufacturing
Provide customers with the highest valued products and services
Pursue continuous improvement
Focus on customer needs
You can depend on the consistent quality of a SS White® bur… in all ways, always.

Preparing cavities for fillings, shaping bone, removing old fillings.
Tooth preparation
Access cavity preparation
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Cleaning and Sterilizing SS White Dental, Inc. Rotary Dental Instruments
1 The intention of these instructions is to provide guidelines for the sterilization of rotary dental instruments.
2 Unless otherwise indicated, all instruments are supplied clean but not sterile. It is the user’s responsibility to sterilize instruments before the first use and if applicable, before each additional use.
3 Instruments indicated as non-sterile single use should be processed following these guidelines before the initial use only and then properly discarded.
1 Used rotary instruments should be considered contaminated and shall be handled following appropriate precautions and guidelines.
2 Personal protective equipment (PPE) including gloves, mask, and eye protection should be worn.
3 Further controls may be required if specfic patient risks are present.
1 Automatic Cleaning is the recommended method for pre-sterilization cleaning.
2 Follow the machine manufacturer’s recommended method while utilizing approved agents for the cleaning of rotary dental instruments.
3 If there is an excessive delay between use and cleaning, manual cleaning may be required. In the case that automatic cleaning is not available, rotary dental instruments may be cleaned manually.
4 Manually brush debris from instruments under running water with a wire brush and approved cleaning agent.
5 PPE should be worn and care taken to avoid spreading contaminants during the brushing process.
6 After cleaning, dry instruments with paper towel or dry heat not exceeding 140oC. Inspect and properly discard any instruments with signs of excessive wear, damage or corrosion.
1 Saturated steam under pressure (autoclave) is the recommended method of sterilization for rotary dental instruments.
2 The recommended cycle is 20 to 30 minutes at 121oC (250oF) at 15 to 30 psi.
For faster processing a rapid cycle of 3 to 10 minutes at 135oC (275oF) at 25 to 30 psi is also acceptable.
Operation of the autoclave should follow the manufacturer’s recommended methods and materials. Storage: After sterilization, store instruments in a dry, clean, and ambient temperature environment.

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