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Zhermack Zetaplus-condensation silicone impression material

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• Hydrocompatibility of the fluids
• Biocompatibility on damaged mucosae
• High final hardness
• Tear resistance

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• Hydrocompatibility of the fluids

• Biocompatibility on damaged mucosae

• High final hardness*

• Tear resistance


 Hydrocompatibility of the fluids: helps achieve an accurate impression

 Biocompatibility on damaged mucosae: allows safe use on patients

 High final hardness*: contributes to obtaining an accurate model once the gypsum has been cast

 Tear resistance: reduces the risk of the impression tearing when it is removed from the patient’s mouth

Hydrocompatibility is one of the most important requirements of any impression material. The material’s ability to flow readily in wet areas, such as preparation margins, makes it possible to capture the details needed to obtain an accurate impression.
Conversely, a material with poor hydrocompatibility is unable to flow correctly, causing the inclusion of undesirable bubbles in the impression. These bubbles, especially when present in the preparation margin area, lead to a loss of information.
The more hydrocompatible a material is, the better it will flow and copy details accurately in wet areas.
 The impression material’s affinity with the fluids means that, when mixed with water, the gypsum flows easily inside the impression during the casting phase, thereby helping to obtain a faithful model. An accurate impression is a fundamental prerequisite for the creation of a correct prosthesis, which is why Zetaplus System is synonymous with reliability for both dentists and dental technicians.


Patient safety, dentist satisfaction.
Tested in compliance with the latest European medical devices standards, Zetaplus System is:

Safe for use even on intolerant patients.
All Zhermack condensation silicones are gluten- and lactose-free, guaranteeing peace of mind and safety even when used on intolerant patients. This allows the dentist to perform impression procedures with peace of mind and in absolute safety.

The devices are intended for use in the dental sector by trained and qualified professionals for the purpose of impression taking on dental patients from 3 years of age.
1. ISO 4823 Type 0 Putty Consistency
2. Mixing time - 30s
3. Minimum processing time - 1min
4. Clinical processing time - (including mixing time) 1min 15s
5. Time in the oral cavity - 3min 30s
6. Setting time - 4min 45s
7. Elastic recovery - 98.5%
8. Shore-A hardness - 1 hour 70 min
9. Mixing ratio Base : Catalyst - 18 g : 0.31 g
Two-phase technique (double step impression):
1. Prepare the high-viscosity material device to be used for the first impression.
2. Mix the high-viscosity material, observing the mixing times .
3. Place a suitable amount of the high-viscosity material on the impression tray.
4. Take the first impression by placing the loaded impression tray inside the patient's mouth within the clinical working time.
5. Remove the impression from the patient's mouth when the setting time has been reached.
6. Wash the first impression and dry it thoroughly.
7. Process the first impression.
8. Prepare the low viscosity material device to be used for the second impression.
9. Mix the low-viscosity impression material, observing the mixing times.
10. Apply a suitable amount of low-viscosity material where necessary (preparations, first impression, etc.) and place the reloaded impression tray back inside the patient's mouth to take the second impression within the clinical working time.
11. Remove the impression from the patient's mouth when the setting time has been reached.
12. Disinfect

Store the product at a temperature between 50°C/41 °F and 27 °C/80 °F.
Do not store the product in direct sunlight

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Zhermack Zetaplus-condensation silicone impression material
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