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Angelus MTA Fillapex - Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer

MTA Fillapex Small tube - 12gm(HM)
MTA Fillapex Refill - 4gm(SM)
MTA Fillapex - 30gm(HM)
Rs. 2,645 Rs. 9,250
Bioceramic root canal sealer
Key Features
1. Biocompatible
2. High radiopacity
3. Excellent flow
4. Setting expansion
5. Release of Ca2+
6. Bioactive properties
7. Paste x paste system
8. Adequate working time
9. Resin-Based
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Angelus MTA Fillapex - Bioceramic root canal sealer

Properties of MTA Fillapex


A. Setting Time

MTA-Fillapex showed average setting time of 130 minutes (2 hours and 10 minutes) with a variation of ±10 minutes.

B. Solubility

The material showed a variation of 0.1%, after submission to the phenomenon of solubility, a value lower than the maximal variation accepted by ISO which is 3%.

C. Setting Expansion

The setting expansion of the material decreases apical leakage, as demonstrated by the work below:


A. Flow

MTA fillapex has optimized flow and a low film thickness for easy penetration into lateral & accessory canals

B. Radiopacity

The optical density of the sealer must be equal or superior to the area of the aluminum scale that corresponds to a thickness of 3 mm. Software Image J was used to calculate the optical density in pixels. MTA-Fillapex presented a value 146% superior to the 3 mm of the aluminum


C. Film Thickness

Proves its high filling capacity, even in secondary and accessory canals.

D. Dimensional Change

ISO sets that the average dimensional change of the material should not exceed 1.0% shrinkage or 0.1% expansion.

The material fulfilled the requirements standardized by ISO, with an average dimensional change = 0.088% expansion.


A. Sealing of root canals

MTA-Fillapex shows an optimized flow due to the nanoparticles. It provides excellent filling and sealing of the main and lateral canals, as shown below.


  • Fast tissue recovery without causing inflammatory reactions
  • Great radiographic visualization
  • Allows filling of accessory canals
  • Perfect sealing of the conduts
  • Helps in the quickly recovery of bone and cementum formation
  • Faster recovery from lesions
  • Easy to manipulate
  • Allows its use by endodontists and general practitioner
  • Easy to remove with gutta-percha solvents
• Direct pulp capping
• Pulpotomy
• Internal resorption
• Apexogenesis /Apexification
• Furcation and root canal perforation
• Reverse root filling
Flow 27.66 mm (average diameter)
Film Thickness39.6 μm*
Dimensional Change 0.088% expansion
Solubility 0.1%
Working Time23 minutes
Setting Time130 minutes

• Root canal preparation: Prior to insertion of MTA-FILLAPEX, the root canal should be prepared and cleaned according to the selected endodontic technique. The device requires an isolated dry field; therefore, moisture found in the canal or in the ambient humidity is sufficient to initiate MTA-FILLAPEX hardening;
• Mixing:
• Dual syringe: The dual syringe ensures equal mixing in a 1:1 ratio. Press plunger to extrude material directly onto a glass slab, mixing pad or into the tooth canal. The cement should be used immediately after mixing;
• Tubes: Mix equal volume units (1:1). Mix for 30 seconds to a homogeneous consistency;
• Insertion: Use MTA-FILLAPEX with gutta-percha or silver points, coating them with a thin layer of the cement and filling the root canal according to the selected technique. MTA-FILLAPEX can be applied in the root canal with a Lentulo spiral or, directly, with an applicator tip adapted to the self-mixing tip; WARNING: The self-mixing tip must be discarded after use.
• Removal of the root canal filling: Use the conventional techniques for the removal of gutta-percha fillings;
• Working time: 23 minutes

Store at dry place

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