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Angelus Reforpost Metallic - Intraradicular Posts

Pack of 5
Rs. 600 Rs. 3,525
Stainless steel intraradicular posts.
Key Features
1. Direct use (prefabricated)
2. Standardized according to Largo burs (Largo 2)
3. Versatility of sizes (4 sizes)
4. Not screw-retained
5. Sandblasted surface
Style :

Reforpost Metallic - Passive tapered intraradicular post system

Reforpost Metal - Surface texture

Angelus Metal post serrated or roughened surface is more retentive than a smooth one. Controlled grooving of the post and root canal  also increases the retention of the post

Reforpost Metal- Passive post system

It must be cemented passively. Active Screwable posts are harmful to the dental structures

Superior retention is observed in active THREADED POST, but it exerts a greater amount of stress on the remaining tooth structure  which increase the potential for root fracture.

Luting agents for post cementation

Currently there are 3 types of cement available for post cementation Resin cements, GIC  & zinc phosphate.

Self cure resin cement is the material of choice for post cementation as it has highest compressive strength along with negligible solubility. GIC bonds chemically with the dentin and is not technique sensitive. The most traditional of all cements is zinc phosphate, which has adequate physical properties, economic and easy to use as of which it remains as  choice of material  for post cementation for around decades.

Factors affecting retention of post

  • Post space preparation 
  • Luting Agent
  • Post surface Texture
  • Post Diameter
  • Post Length


  • Saves clinical time and decreases lab costs
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to adapt
  • No generation of stresses
  • Excellent retention for the cement

Time and cost saving

The technique of making prosthesis with pre-fabricated Fiber/Metal posts allows for creation of the post/core in a single session, eliminating steps and laboratory costs

Support of restorations and prosthetic crowns
Modulus of elasticity - >150GPA
1. Prepare the root canal with Largo drill 2.
2. Selection of REFORPOST.
3. Filling the root canal with selected cement.
4. Placement of REFORPOST® into the canal. With REFORPOST® properly located in the root canal, gently twist the key to lock the post (1/4 of a clockwise turn).
5. Proceed with core build-up.
CAUTIONS: prefabricated posts must be used only with 2 mm of remaining coronal structure. Use only to support restorations or single crowns

Store at dry place

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