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DMG Honigum - A-Silicone Impression Material.

Putty Hand mix: 2 x 450ml jars
Light Body: 50ml x 2 Cartridge + tips
Rs. 2,300 Rs. 8,500
Honigum Putty: Hand-mix precision VPS in putty consistency

Honigum Light: High precision correction-impression material
Key Features
1. Exceptional detail reproduction
2. Outstanding stability in the tray and intraorally
3. Remarkable flow properties under light pressure
4. Balanced hydrophilicity
5. Neutral taste and honey scent
Material :

Honigum - Putty: Hand-mix precision VPS in putty consistency

Snap-Set technology

Thanks to the DMG-developed Snap-Set technology the new Honigum-Putty offers a so far unrivaled combination of comfortable working time and short time in mouth. Its generous working time reduces the »mix stress« to a minimum.

Deformations due to already set material are prevented, and micro movements are reduced by the quicker cross linking (see »Snap-Set« in graphic). For the patient the shorter time in mouth translates into significantly more comfort during the treatment

Excellent recovery after deformation

Honigum-Putty has extraordinarily high capacity for recovery after deformation. This ensures a precise reproduction of all critical areas. A precise detail reproduction is guarantee

Professional precision for all indications.

Since its introduction in 1997 Honigum has evolved to one of the most successful and preferred impression materials worldwide. DMG continues to enhance its product portfolio to meet the dentists’ varying needs.
Thus, Honigum offers highest precision for all indications and techniques.

From monophase impression material to double-mixing or correction impression techniques up to the fixation of impression posts for implant impressions: The Honigum family offers a reliable solution for any indication.

Honigum-Heavy, -Light, -Mono, -Putty and Honigum-MixStar Putty have one aspect in common: the best material quality combined with an intelligent application.

The optimized MixStar cartridges can be comfortably mixed and dispensed in DMG’s MixStar-eMotion and all other commercially available mixing devices. In order to quickly distinguish between the different product variants, all cartridges are color-coded. The labels also indicate the respective working time and the setting time in the mouth as a means of aiding the treatment process

Honigum Light Body: High precision correction-impression material

  • Outstanding flow properties
  • Extraordinary stability
  • Balanced hydrophilicity
  • Registers even the finest details

Honigum-Light is an innovative correction-impression material combining excellent flow properties with exceptional stability.

As a light-bodied material Honigum-Light is well suited for correction and double mixing impressions and can be combined with Honigum-Heavy or the Honigum-Putty materials.

1. Crown and Bridge Impression
2. Inlay and Onlay Impression
3. Implant Impressions
4. Veneer Impressions
5. Impressions for orthodontic analysis,recording occlusal relation etc.
Honigum-Putty Soft Fast
1. Mixing time[s] ≈ 30
2. Working time[min] ≤ 1:45
3. Time in the mouth [min] ≥ 1:45
4. Dimensional change after 24h [%] ≤ 0.5
5. Compression set [%] ≤ 0.5
6. Strain in compression [%] ≈ 2.2


1. Working time[min] ≤ 2:15
2. Intraoral setting time [min] ≥ 3:30
3. Dimensional change after 24h [%] ≤ 0.5
4. Compression set [%] ≤ 0.35
5. Strain in compression [%] ≈ 4.5
6. Shore-A hardness ≈ 47

Instructions To Use Honigum Putty: Hand-mix precision VPS in putty consistency

Using the hand-mix system
1. Take equal amounts of the base paste and the catalyst paste out of the container, always using the colored spoon for the base paste and the white spoon for the catalyst paste.
2. Mixing: At room temperature, knead the base and catalyst pastes in a ratio of 1:1 with the finger tips for 30 seconds, until the color is homogenous.
Reseal the container immediately after use! Do not mix up the container lids!
Recommended use
Double-mix impressions
1. Fill the tray with Honigum-Putty.
Note: The filling of the tray and syringing should be completed at the same time as the higher temperature in the mouth leads to a quicker setting of the syringed material compared to the tray material.
2. Position the tray in the mouth within the working time, slowly and using very little force, and allow the impression to form.
3. Remove the impression from the mouth once the setting time has ended.
Corrective impressions
Note: No more than 30 minutes are permitted to pass between the pre-impression and correction impression, otherwise it is not possible to guarantee a firm bond between the two impression materials.
Cleaning with alcohol is also not permitted between pre-impression and correction impression.
1. Cut generous drainage channels into the preimpression and remove imperfections.
2. After experimental repositioning, thoroughly rinse the impression with water and dry.
3. After repositioning, thoroughly rinse the impression with water and then dry.
4. Apply Honigum-Light around the preparation and on the pre-impression.
5. Position the filled tray in the mouth within the working time, slowly and using very little force, and exert brief initial pressure.
6. Remove the impression from the mouth once the setting time has ended.

Store the impression in a dry place at room temperature (15 – 25 °C/ 59 – 77 °F)!
Protect against exposure to direct sunlight!
The impression is stable and can be cast even after months without loss of accuracy.

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