Angelus Bio C Sealer - Bio Ceramic Root Canal Sealer
Angelus Bio C Sealer - Bioceramic root canal sealer Introduction Bio-C Sealer is a ready-to-use bioceramic sealer for root canal filling. The bioceramic composition allows the release of calcium ions, which stimulates the formation of mineralized tissue. Its mechanical and...
Rs. 2,400 from Rs. 1,499
Angelus BIO-C Repair - Bio-Ceramic Reparative Material
Angelus BIO-C REPAIR - Bio Ceramic reparative material BIO-C® REPAIR is a ready-to-use bioceramic repair cement (putty). The ready-to-use presentation in a screw-in syringe facilitates the removal of the product for application at the preparation site, simplifying this procedure with great...
Rs. 1,950 from Rs. 1,499
Angelus Interlig - Braided Glass Fiber impregnated with light-cured composite resin
Angelus Interlig - Braided glass fiber Braided glass fiber impregnated with light-cured composite resin used in Splinting in periodontics, Splinting of traumatized teeth, Fabrication of adhesive direct temporary prostheses. Reinforcement of large restorations. Interlig is a reinforced composite material with...
Rs. 3,750 Rs. 3,555
Angelus MTA Fillapex - Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer
Angelus MTA Fillapex - Bioceramic root canal sealer Properties of MTA Fillapex Chemical A. Setting TimeMTA-Fillapex showed average setting time of 130 minutes (2 hours and 10 minutes) with a variation of ±10 minutes. B. Solubility The material showed a...
Rs. 2,900 from Rs. 2,645
Angelus Reforpost Fiber Glass - Intraradicular Post
Angelus Reforpost fiber glass - Retentive shape, parallel intraradicular post with conical tip. High retentiveness The cylindrical, parallel shape and tapered apex of the Glass Fiber Reforpost make them very retentive. The additional circumferential mechanical retentions of the posts increase the...
Rs. 2,400 from Rs. 1,999
Angelus Reforpost Metallic - Intraradicular Posts
Reforpost Metallic - Passive tapered intraradicular post system Reforpost Metal - Surface texture Angelus Metal post serrated or roughened surface is more retentive than a smooth one. Controlled grooving of the post and root canal  also increases the retention of...
Rs. 650 from Rs. 600
Angelus Exacto - Intraradicular Conical Post
Angelus Exacto - Intraradicular conical post Precise adaptation to the canal The double taper and the special size enable the Exacto post to fill tapered canalsmore accurately, without leaving a thick line of cement. Standardized bur with inactive tip Exacto...
Rs. 2,500 from Rs. 2,300
Angelus Flex - Endodontic Aspirator
Rs. 2,600 Rs. 2,500
Angelus Flex - Endodontic Aspirator
Flex - For the suction in endodontic procedures. Characterstics Sterilizable and for single use,the product is already offered in sterile envelopes with cobalt gamma rays. Pre-angulated,the Flex Endodontic suction tube has a Luer Lock fitting, as well as the tips,...
Rs. 2,600 Rs. 2,500
Angelus Impression Trays - Autoclavable Plastic Tray
Impression Trays - Full arch autoclavable plastic tray Benefits 1. Easy to cut allows customization implant cases 2. Sufficient rigidity to maintain shape 3. Can be used with most impression materials4. Adequate perforation for better retention Composition of tray's plastic...
Rs. 575 from Rs. 530
Angelus MTA Applicator - To Precisely Carry and Apply The MTA Material
Angelus MTA Applicator - Instrument to apply MTA Recommendation To apply mixed MTA in small cavities. To apply mixed MTA and other materials as Ca(OH)2 in various cavities. Benefits Allows use in clinical endodontic procedures (intracanal) and surgical Guarantee of...
Rs. 5,000 from Rs. 4,950
Angelus MTA Repair HP - High Plasticity Reparative Cement
MTA REPAIR HP - Bioceramic based high-plasticity reparative cement. The same efficiency with superior handling. Bioceramic based high-plasticity reparative cement. MTA (Mineral Trioxide Aggregate) has its established use in Endodontics due to the clinical results proven through numerous scientific studies....
Rs. 3,200 from Rs. 3,135
Angelus MZ Primer - Metal Primer Adhesion Promotor for Metal, Zirconia & Alumina.
MZ Primer - Chemical Bonding agent for Metal, Zirconia and Alumina Safety for the adhesion to metal and zirconia. MZ Primer is a one-bottle solution that promotes the bonding of resins (composite, cement, acrylic) to a variety of substrates such...
Rs. 3,600 Rs. 3,500
Angelus Pinjet - Polycarbonate Burnout Pins for custom made post/core
Pinjet - Polycarbonate pins for the fabrication of Custom cast posts Fabrication of metal posts directly and indirectly. Benefits Polycarbonate material resistant to fracture and chemically adheres to the relining resin there is negligible risk for fracture of pinjet during...
Rs. 700 Rs. 605
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Angelus Porcelain Etchant - 10% Hydrofluoric Acid
Porcelain Etchant(Conditionung) - 10% Hydrofluoric Acid  It is used for Conditioning of metal free restorations fabricated with porcelain (ceramic) before cementation with resin and Conditioning of porcelain fragments before bonding or repair with composite resin. Benefits Facilitates application Flows only...
Rs. 800 Rs. 700
Angelus Porcelain Repair Kit
Rs. 3,425 Rs. 3,210
Angelus Porcelain Repair Kit
Porcelain Repair Kit Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns have been used as predictable materials since the 1960s, owing to their mechanical strength and low cost. However, porcelain veneer failure has been reported as the major cause for the replacement of metal-ceramic restorations. The...
Rs. 3,425 Rs. 3,210
Angelus Silano - Adhesion Promoter For Ceramics & Glass Fibers
Silano - Pre activated (ready to use) adhesion promoter for ceramics and glass fibers In metal-free dentistry, an adhesive technique is fundamental for the cementation of all-ceramic, indirect composite resin restorations and glass fiber posts. Adhesion of resin cements to...
Rs. 1,200 Rs. 1,105
Angelus MTA - Bioceramic Reparative Cement
Angelus MTA - A super treatment for accidents and endodontic complications Properties of MTA Chemical Release of calcium ions: allows formation of mineralized tissues. Highly alcaline: prevents bacterial growth. Physical Low solubility: may be used directly on pulp and periapical...
Rs. 2,800 from Rs. 2,475
Angelus Syringe Sleeves - Tranquility During The Application of Anesthetics
Syringe Sleeves - Tranquility during the application of anesthetics Diminishing of anxiety caused by needle fear during anesthesia. The shape of the alligator is compatible with extra-short needles. The conventional needles are not indicated because they are shown during the...
Rs. 1,700 Rs. 1,560
Angelus BIO-C Temp - Bioceramic Paste For Intracanal Dressing
BIO-C Temp - Ready To Use Bioceramic Paste For Intracanal Dressing BIO-C® TEMP is a ready-to-use bioceramic paste for intracanal dressing. It has a great advantage in relation to calcium hydroxide pastes because it presents low solubility and in this...
Rs. 1,100 from Rs. 660
Angelus Endometric - Safety and Organization For Endodontic Files.
Endometric Support for endodontic files. Characteristics Autoclavable High performance polymer Availability of refill No-owen base Benefits Low risk of cross infection Resistant to contact with chemicals Biosafety Guarantee Do not reels off with the endodontic file Composition Container: thermoplastic resin...
Rs. 800
Angelus Endodontic Ruler - Sterilizable in Dry Heat and Autoclave
Endodontic Ruler - Sterilizable in Dry Heat and Autoclave Endodontic ruler (Gauge in millimeters). Sterilizable in dry heat and autoclave Characteristics Fabricated in high performance polyme : resistant to contact with chemicals   CE Mark : guarantee of quality Sterilizable...
Rs. 350 Rs. 315
Angelus Intermedium - Calibrating ruler for gutta-percha points
Angelus Intermedium - Precision Guaranteed Calibrating ruler for gutta-percha points. This cannot be stated in regard to gutta-perchacones. Due to their plasticity, they may present alterations. Besides the calibration of standardized cones, INTERMEDIUM prepares master cones of intermediate size. This...
Rs. 3,000
Angelus Reforpin Universal - The Solution For Fragile Roots.
Reforpin - The solution for fragile roots Angelus Reforpin Universal Pack is the solution for fragile roots Glass fiber intraradicular accessory posts. Characteristics Glass fiber Higher volum of fibers inside the root canal Versatility of use Higher volum of fibers...
Rs. 1,600 Rs. 1,210
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